Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Okay, so this happened a few days ago, but since I just started my blog, I can't really create back entries.

Eden and Josh were out playing in our back yard. I called them in for dinner, and about 3-4 minutes later, Eden was washing her hands and started screaming hysterically about her tongue. She comes running out of the bathroom saying her tongue is stinging. Not 2 seconds later, Josh starts the hysterical screaming saying his tongue is stinging as well. At first I thought it was sympathy pains, and then one look at his face and I realized he was in lots of pain as well. I asked them if they had eaten anything. We all quickly ran outside as they showed me this 'plant' they had decided to touch to their mouths. (Why??? I didn't have time for the why's at this point).

I had also spent that morning spraying weedkiller to get ready for our annual Easter Egg hunt in our back yard. So, with the kids screaming that it was getting worse and worse, moving to their cheeks, lips, etc, I grabbed the empty jug of weedkiller and the plant that had what best looked like two plump orange raisins on it and called poison control. I explained in detail the plant, and she had no idea what it could be. We went through the ingredients of the weedkiller and determined that most likely the poison from that was nullified because I had sprayed it 6 hours earlier. She said to have them drink lots of water, flush their faces with cold water and call if their symptoms worsened. She'd call back in a hour to check on us.

So, Josh was in the bathroom drinking and splashing water all over his face and Eden was at the kitchen sink -- where I had removed the faucet hose and was spraying her face down constantly. Both kids were still screaming at the top of their lungs saying it was getting worse. Teya was screaming because I was completely ignoring her. The kids begged me to call Dave.

Dave was at the library studying for a test for work (some sort of Construction Codes), and had said if I absolutely needed him to text him. So, I pull out my cell phone in a panic and try to learn how to text -- at this of all times! I had never texted before! So, I tried and tried and tried to get a plain old "C", but it didn't work, thus the title of this blog -- Cc2ALL ASAP was what I finally got out. Sure enough, he understood it, called, and came home immediately. The kids were still all screaming at this time, I'm checking to make sure they can still swallow, that there are no blisters, etc.

I showed Dave the 'plant' and he fingers it a bit, gets out a knife and a cutting board and cuts one of the 'plump orange raisins' open. Turns out it was a wild chili pepper known as a chiltepin!!! Apparently in certain remote areas of Arizona, one of the hottest varieties of peppers grows in a miniature and wild variety. This particular variety is known for his incredible spiciness -- and ancient lore said that they are used to fight off evil or to punish children who cussed.

Somehow a random twig of this plant that we'd never seen before got into our backyard, the kids found it and decided to rub them by their mouths. (Like I said, WHY????). So, at least once we figured this out, we laughed, gave them bread and milk, and they were fine by dinnertime. But if your kids are ever speaking out of line ... just send them over here --- we have the perfect treatment!!!


Wendy said...

This is sad but too funny. Chili peppers?!?!? And they didn't even cuss. They'll remember this for a long time!

I so hear you about the texting thing. I tried to text my hip sister-i-law for her birthday, it took about 1/2 hour text one line. When I see all the youth at church texting like mad, I feel old and know that I'm definitely a generation older now.

Love your blog! Can't wait to keep up with you!

ducklips said...

Oh your poor children. I hope they learned not to pick strange plants and put them in their mouths. Once my daughter wanted to help me make salsa. She picked up the chopped jalepenos and then touched her eyes. She screamed for the next 45 minutes while I rinsed them out and then just laid on the couch with a damp wash cloth on her eyes the rest of the night.

scollier said...

Yeah! I am so excited that you have joined the blog world. I can't believe how much Teya has changed. I almost didn't recognize her. It will be fun seeing what your cute family is up to. You always seem to have the best stories. So sad but it made me laugh because I can picture you trying to figure out how to text.

Lisa said...

Great story Jennie! Kids do the craziest things. Glad they are OK!

Dawn said...

That is hilarious! I can't text worth anything either - I need a tutorial from one of these teenagers as well.

Welcome to the blogging world - we're happy to have you!

VikiViki said...

Jennie - I just saw that you had a blog from mom - I hadn't heard. I just started blogging recently as well. I like your scrapbookers circle site. Cool stuff.


Kako said...

What a great story! I'm glad I found your blog.

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