Friday, June 26, 2009

Going Public

Ha! Do you like my title? No, this post has nothing to do with the status of my blog. But, I decided it was time to 'go public' with a few of my fitness goals for the year. I know myself, and know that I work much better under pressure. So, I figure that if I announce my goals, than I will be more apt to actually accomplish them!

I have two hopefully achievable goals:

1) Run 200 miles
2) Be able to do the splits (front and back, not sideways) by my birthday!

Like I said -- achievable -- I'm reaching for the sun (the stars are too far away). I just came back from a good 5 mile jog/walk, and my total is now at 90. I'm just a few days away from 1/2 way through the year, so I'm just a little behind. However, I took the months of March and April off due to lack of sleep, so I think I'll make it.

My friend Liz ran 800 miles last year. She inspired me to set a goal this year. So, after realizing that I go to the gym and do cardio classes (dancing, weight training, etc) 3 times a week, I knew I wouldn't be able to come anywhere close to 800. So, 200 is my goal. Little steps.

As far as the splits -- I've NEVER been able to do them. So, why now? I've been going to a dance class each week and we do these great stretches when we are done. I started noticing a month or so ago that I was getting pretty flexible. So... I turned it into a silly little goal for me.

I promise to post a picture around my birthday (end of October) of me doing the splits -- just to prove that I have achieved it (assuming I have by then).

Well, thanks for indulging me and my desire to 'go public' with my silly goals!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

A few weeks ago, Eden wanted to make a movie for Dad, so we went outside and the kids spelled out the word "LOVE" with their bodies. I filmed the whole thing and put it to some music -- added some special effects and... here you go!

We love you Dave -- you are a wonderful father!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Teya's broken wrist and the VIDEO

Hey all! 

So, I've had my mac just over a week now -- and I've spent SOOOOOO much time playing with iPhoto and iMovie. Lovin' it so far -- despite some frustrations that come with learning anything new.  Here is our fun video of our trip to Hawaii: enjoy!

In other news.... A week ago Teya fractured her left wrist while playing on a slide at the day care at my gym. They came and got me saying she had hit the wall and had a bump on her head and she was acting really sleepy. Sure enough, she was so lethargic and wouldn't react to me or anything. We got our stuff, and I was trying to prepare myself for a long day with 3 kids at the ER. Instead, I drove to the doctor's office and asked if there was any way he could just see her and let me know if I HAD to go the ER. He didn't have a patient, and we got right in. He said she had a mild concussion at most, but sent us for x-rays to make sure. While checking her reflexes, she was holding her wrist and wouldn't let him near it, so he added that to the x-ray list. 

They called me back a few hours later confirming no skull fracture, but a wrist fracture. Here she is sporting her new accessory:  
 It is so cool, my friend informed me that Josh and her son were even trying to break their wrists the other day!  please no!

As if this post isn't long enough already, here are some gems from the kids:

At dinner, I was asking everyone (my in-laws included) what they had learned that day. I had taught the kids some math and typing skills, so I was hoping Eden would comment on that. Instead she said, "I learned that if you watch TV for too long, your neck gets sore"

We were in the produce section and there was a display of those small white onions. After walking past them, Josh said to me, "Man! Those golf balls sure smell like onions!"

Teya came down wearing a very colorful outfit. Flowered shirt, striped short, purple socks. I tried to convince her to at least change her socks, which REALLY clashed. She protested, saying, "No, my socks match my underpants!"  (Sure enough, her purple Dora socks matched her Dora underpants). So, do you coordinate your outfits to match your underwear????

Happy day to all!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hawaii etc.

Let the updates begin....

I've been postponing my blog report about Hawaii until I could buy my Mac, edit all the fun videos we took, put them to a great Hawaiian song, and upload the video. But, it still might be awhile before we take the plunge, so why make you suffer! :)

Here are some pics from Hawaii. We had such a great, relaxing trip. We flew over (1st class) direct from Phoenix to Maui. We stayed in one place the whole time, ate Mahi Mahi every day inone form or another, and went snorkeling every day except Sunday! It was our kind of vacation!

Another day we took a boat out to snorkel different sides of the island. We signed up to do the 'snuba' diving, which is a mixture between snorkeling and scuba diving. You are attached to a 25 foot hose that hooks into an oxygen tank that is floating around up on top (see pic). So, you are free to hang out 25 feet below water for 45 minutes or so and explore! It really was unique. Dave LOVED it and ended up doing two dives (I just did one).

We biked down Haleakala one day -- on our own this time -- with no group -- so we got to go at our own speed, stop when we wanted to, etc. It was great! The weather was perfectly cloudy -- not too hot or too cold or too sunny!
Another day we met up with Marilyn (my sister) and Matt -- who were there for their 25th anniversary. We went zip lining with them! It was lots of fun -- it went from really short and easy zips to a really LONG one over a canyon! Just wait for the video that will be coming soon!

Here is our sweet Teya in her dress that we got her in Hawaii. We got little plumeria flowers for her hair also! So fun!

Over Memorial Day weekend, we went with our dear friends The Barrett's up to their family cabin near Show Low. The weather was wonderful and cool. The kids did some zip lining -- even Teya -- on their home-rigged lines on the property.

One morning, they caught a baby bunny (named Bugsy) and had him for a pet for a few hours. We had a great time, saw several hail storms, deer, elk, blue birds, and even snow!
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