Friday, June 12, 2009

Teya's broken wrist and the VIDEO

Hey all! 

So, I've had my mac just over a week now -- and I've spent SOOOOOO much time playing with iPhoto and iMovie. Lovin' it so far -- despite some frustrations that come with learning anything new.  Here is our fun video of our trip to Hawaii: enjoy!

In other news.... A week ago Teya fractured her left wrist while playing on a slide at the day care at my gym. They came and got me saying she had hit the wall and had a bump on her head and she was acting really sleepy. Sure enough, she was so lethargic and wouldn't react to me or anything. We got our stuff, and I was trying to prepare myself for a long day with 3 kids at the ER. Instead, I drove to the doctor's office and asked if there was any way he could just see her and let me know if I HAD to go the ER. He didn't have a patient, and we got right in. He said she had a mild concussion at most, but sent us for x-rays to make sure. While checking her reflexes, she was holding her wrist and wouldn't let him near it, so he added that to the x-ray list. 

They called me back a few hours later confirming no skull fracture, but a wrist fracture. Here she is sporting her new accessory:  
 It is so cool, my friend informed me that Josh and her son were even trying to break their wrists the other day!  please no!

As if this post isn't long enough already, here are some gems from the kids:

At dinner, I was asking everyone (my in-laws included) what they had learned that day. I had taught the kids some math and typing skills, so I was hoping Eden would comment on that. Instead she said, "I learned that if you watch TV for too long, your neck gets sore"

We were in the produce section and there was a display of those small white onions. After walking past them, Josh said to me, "Man! Those golf balls sure smell like onions!"

Teya came down wearing a very colorful outfit. Flowered shirt, striped short, purple socks. I tried to convince her to at least change her socks, which REALLY clashed. She protested, saying, "No, my socks match my underpants!"  (Sure enough, her purple Dora socks matched her Dora underpants). So, do you coordinate your outfits to match your underwear????

Happy day to all!


Diana said...

WTG with the slide show! (haven't attempted one yet!) I especially love the screaming down the zip line.

Wendy said...

Yikes! Poor Teya--glad her head wasn't fractured. Cool cast. My kids are always talking about kids at school breaking their arms while jumping out of the swing, etc. and then I overhear my kids daring each other to jump out of the swing set at home so they can get a cast.

I love the golf balls small like onions thing!

If I had exciting underwear, I would certainly coordinate it with my socks too!

Wendy said...

Okay--just watched the slide show with Justin and we loved it! Looks like a great vacation--so glad you were able to go. What a fun anniversary trip!

Sarah Crawford said...

Great job on the video! Your trip looked heavenly! I want to make one from our trip to Hawaii but I have too much footage and not enough energy! Poor Teya! Good thing the doc. tried to check her reflexes!!! Keep those kid quotes coming! Love the stinky golf balls!

Marilyn said...

Tell Teya I love the hot pink cast. I sure enjoyed the video. Ah, memories!

Kim said...

What a fun trip! Maui is great. We went there for our fifth anniversary. That biking would have been fun. Now, I thought is was against the law to touch the sea turtles?:) Anyway, glad you had fun. Hopefully Teya is recovering well.

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