Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some silly trivia about me...

I just finished planning (most of) my first sharing time, so to reward myself, I decided to blog. I've loved reading my friend's lists about themselves -- getting to know them better. I decided that instead of creating a list about me, I'd come up with the silly trivia about my past. So, read on and see if you can get all the questions right. (For the answers, you'll have to go to the comments section).

1. I have lived all of the following places except:
a. Utah
b. Argentina
c. Mongolia
d. Slovenia
e. California

2. In high school I was involved in all of the following sports except:
a. Volleyball
b. Softball
c. Swimming
d. Track
e. Basketball

3. Which of the following statements is NOT true about my high school experience:
a. I was crowned Junior princess at Homecoming
b. I was on Seminary Council
c. I sang in a traveling choir
d. I was a student body officer for 3 years.

4. In college, which of the following statements is NOT TRUE:
a. I was the lead guitarist in a band
b. I was arrested
c. I learned how to crochet afghans
d. I had to retake Biology 101

5. As a missionary, which of the following did not happen:
a. I hitchhiked several times.
b. I went on splits with elders
c. I got special permision to river raft with an investigator.
d. I stayed in the same branch my entire mission.

6. After graduating from BYU, I did all but the following:
a. Spent a month backpacking in Europe with friends.
b. Worked International Finance in Hong Kong.
c. Worked in Maryland
d. Hiked Mt. Timpanogos.

7. How did Dave and I meet?
a. We were in the same Biology 101 class (my second time).
b. We both taught at the MTC together.
c. A blind date
d. I was dating his best friend.

8. What things did Dave and I do our first 6 months of marriage:
a. Camp throughout Europe for a month.
b. Work in California.
c. Buy a triplex.
d. All of the above.

9. Put in order the following events:
a. Eden was born.
b. We moved to California.
c. We graduated from BYU (me-- MBA, Dave -- BS in Construction Management)
BONUS: Which month did all of the above occur in?

10. Which is NOT one of my favorite TV shows?
a. Lost
b. CSI
c. Psych
d. American Idol

Okay -- have your answers? Go check them out at the comment section and let me know how you did! :) Thanks for indulging!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A new calling...

On Sunday I was released from Cub Scouts after 2 1/2 years and put in as the 1st counselor in the Primary Presidency. I'm quite excited about this new calling. I've never worked in the Primary before -- other than a myriad of subbing opportunities. I got to thinking... I left home at age 17 and went to BYU, where I started attending Relief Society. Now, I'm 34 and this is THE FIRST calling I've ever had in the past 17 years where I won't be able to attend Relief Society or Sunday School! Isn't that crazy! I know people who have hardly ever been to Relief Society because they are always in Primary or Young Womens. This is probably the hardest part of my new calling -- because I love Sunday School and Relief Society.

However, I'm really happy with the presidency and excited to get to know the sisters better. Any advice for all you experienced Primary workers out there? I'd appreciate it!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Eden 'steals the show'

Eden had her big performance last Friday -- the culmination of a 2-week intensive sing and dance class. They learned the words and moves to 20 songs/dances. It was all things Disney. She was placed front and center. We went and got her hair cut and styled for the occasion -- it was so cute! She did such a wonderful job. I was told by people -- other than those related to Eden -- that she truly stole the show. She loves this kind of stuff and has a naturally ability to dance, move, and sing! Here is her solo. Enjoy and WAY TO GO EDEN!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Teya turns Three!

Wow! My baby is three! The big day was last Sunday, July 13th. In honor of the number three, I thought I'd share things about Teya in 'threes'.

Three silly phrases that Teya says:
1. Piggy ride back (instead of piggy back ride)
2. Mele see (Let me see)
3. High School Musical dos (High School musical 2) -- she will only say 'dos' not 'two'

Three of Teya's favorite things at the moment:
1. The song 'Humuhumu nukunuku apua'a' from HSM2
2. Phineas and Ferb tv show (the treehouse episode)
3. Dress-up clothes. -- she wears them more than actual clothes.
Three of her latest accomplishments:
1. She can buckle herself in her carseat.
2. She can climb out of her crib. (I think it is time to move her to a bed).
3. She can swim about 4-5 feet all by herself.

Three things she loves to eat:
1. Strawberries
2. Nuts
3. Popsicles

Three things we love about her:
1. She gives the best hugs in the world.
2. She still takes a nap several times a week.
3. Her 'owies' feel better after a simple kiss from Mom.
Here is a cute little video of Teya reading "5 little Monkeys". Enjoy!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Should I sue for emotional distress?

Okay, for the past 6 weeks, I have been plagued by some health issues, which started out pretty minor. I haven't been able to write about them until they were resolved, and today I finally got a hint of a resolution! So, read the following account of what happened and then let me know if I should sue? (kidding -- I'm not the suing type).

I started getting some tingling and numbness in both my arms and hands about 6 weeks ago. I thought it was just nerve damage and sought out some deep-tissue massages. They helped and I thought it would just take more time. But, I also just wanted to rule out anything else more major, like arthritis or diabetes or even carpal tunnel syndrome that could be causing this. I met with the doctor and got my blood drawn. I was told I'd get the results back in 2 days. That was about 4 weeks ago. After 3 days, I still hadn't heard back, so I called and asked if they were back yet. I was told that the doctor had to order 'more detailed labs' based on the abnormal results from my first set of labs. Not good news. I was leaving for vacation the next day so I begged them to rush the second set of labs.

So, the day I was leaving for vacation, I came home from running errands to a message, "We have your lab results, and you need to schedule an appointment to discuss them". Again, not good news. I called and made an appointment for that day, since I wasn't going to go out of town on news like that. I totally rearranged my already hectic schedule (you know how it is on the day you are leaving) to make the appointment. Dave was going to get off work for it, etc. Then, about 1 hour later, they called back and said, "Sorry, there was a miscommunication, we don't have ALL the labs back, so don't bother coming in today. We'll let you know next week". Well, I said I was going out of town and demanded they tell me what was abnormal in my labs that caused the doctor to order more. I was told my blood sugar was high (a sign of diabetes) and that my hemoglobin was low (anemia). So, armed with that information I went off to vacation.

I was actually able to enjoy the vacation and didn't really think about it too much after my sister (a nurse) explained that the numbers of my labs were just barely abnormal and nothing to worry about.

When I got back, I called to see if the results were in -- no they weren't. What? It had been so long! Then, the next day, I came home to another message asking to call the office because they had received the labs and I needed to come in to discuss them. I called the office back to schedule the appointment and the gal who schedules the appointments told me over the phone, "Your labs indicated that you are diabetic and have severe anemia". Oh.

So much for waiting to discuss it with the doctor. She scheduled me for a week later -- and I was too stunned to realize that I'd never be able to wait a week to discuss those results. About an hour later, I came to my senses and called them back to reschedule the appointment for just 2 days later.

Those were a LONG two days. Finding out you have diabetes is very scary. I went to the handy-dandy internet and searched and discovered that I was more likely type I than type II. There is a 25% correlation between my thryoid disorder (hashimotos) and type I. They are both immune based. So, I started stressing about giving myself daily injections of insulin, counting carbs, not being able to eat sour patch kids, you know -- the usual stressors! No, it was really scary. I even went grocery shopping and spent twice as much on 1/2 the amount of food -- healthy food. It is expensive to eat right.

My appointment came, and so did Dave. The doctor let me know that they didn't know if it was type I or II, and so ordered another fasting blood test to determine that. She also added on a thyroid test onto my labs to see if there was a correlation -- I had shared my internet find with her about the 25 % correlation between the two disorders. Dave also let her know how unprofessional it was for their assistant to tell me so flippantly about the diabetes diagnosis over the phone. She apologized profusely. She also let me know that I had pretty severe iron-deficiency anemia. I was scheduled to go into the hospital for an IV infusion of iron to kickstart that process.

So, last friday I waited an hour to get my blood drawn. This morning I spent 3 hours in the outpatient center getting an iron IV (which looks like motor oil going into your bloodstream). Then, after coming home and barely sitting down to rest, the phone rang. It was my doctor saying she had the lab results back (from just last Friday -- fast!). I am definitely not type II diabetic, and it is barely negative for type I. So, I asked her if that meant I don't have diabetes? She said that my thyroid tests indicated hyperthyroidism which could be the cause for the elevated blood sugar levels. So, now I have to meet with my endocrinologist (thyroid doctor) and get him to adjust my medication levels and (fingers crossed), that will take care of the diabetes issue. Although I do have to exercise regularly and eat few carbs for the next few months while we see if that is truly the cause of all this. So, that was some really good news.

The ironic part of all of this is, 6 weeks later, my hands and arms are still tingling and numb. I go in on Thursday to get a nerve study done to see if it is carpal tunnel syndrome. If it's not that, maybe I'll go back to the deep tissue massages....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Best Family Reunion...

We just got back from what Dave dubbed, "The Best Family Reunion" -- and it was for my family! Now that is saying something! We spent a wonderful week up at Aspen Grove with my family. Imagine beautiful weather (it was chilly at night, low 90's for a few short hours in the afternoon -- but other than that -- pleasant), beautiful mountains, your kids gone to fun groups of all the kids their ages all day, delicious meals three times a day that you don't have to cook or clean up, access to BYU creamery ice-cream each day, games, games, and more games, and a plethora of family activities. Now end it with a blowout concert with Miley Cyrus and 30 minutes of fireworks, and you have our last week! Here are a few pictures detailing the wonderful week!

Here is an adorable picture of Teya. She had so much fun with all the 'friends' (cousins).

This is me at the start of the ropes course we went on. It was harder than it looked.

This is Dave on the middle of the ropes course -- walking along cables in the tree tops. This is a group of us after Paintballing -- ouch! It HURT! One day we rode the chairlift up at Sundance and then hiked through to Stewart Falls. It was so much fun!
Josh was a 'bobcat' and met a new friend in his class. He loved the mini-golf course they had.

I had to document a scrabble victory I had. We must have played about 15 games throughout the week! Now that is vacation for me! The most entertaining part of the Stadium of Fire was watching Eden sing along to all of Miley Cyrus' songs.
This is Miley Cyrus herself. She sang 8-10 songs. It was lots of fun. Our favorite was "7 things".Here are some of the spectacular fireworks! Pictures, of course, never do them justice!
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