Monday, July 21, 2008

Eden 'steals the show'

Eden had her big performance last Friday -- the culmination of a 2-week intensive sing and dance class. They learned the words and moves to 20 songs/dances. It was all things Disney. She was placed front and center. We went and got her hair cut and styled for the occasion -- it was so cute! She did such a wonderful job. I was told by people -- other than those related to Eden -- that she truly stole the show. She loves this kind of stuff and has a naturally ability to dance, move, and sing! Here is her solo. Enjoy and WAY TO GO EDEN!



GrGrGr said...

Wonderful solo Eden! And the classy new hair cut and style almost had me fooled into thinking I was looking at a photo I have always loved of your Mom with such pretty 'ringletts' in her hair -- only I think she was in a blue dress. Will you sing all of the songs for us next time we see you?

VikiViki said...

That is so cute. Way to go Eden. If you want to get a really good laugh - check out what Carol posted on her blog for my birthday. I laughed the whole way through!

Janell said...

Oh my gosh... she was TOTALLY crackin' me up! She knew EVERY single dance move and she's quite a little performer! :)

Orange Peanut said...

Bravo Eden, encore - encore! Her hair is so cute - tres chic!

Kako said...

What a performer. She must get it from you!(?)

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