Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I love FRYs!

And here is why:

I bought $230 dollars of groceries and only paid $63. It was a steal of a deal today -- things like 12 boxes of GOOD cereal for only $3. Packages of toilet paper (the GOOD kind) for only 25 cents, etc. My suburban trunk was completely full. And, it even included about $10 worth of impulse buy stuff, for which I had no coupons.

And, they watch my kids in this great play area. Teya loved it today, she colored and the lady there played Candyland with her for half an hour. So fun. That lady also remembered I had other kids at home and sent candy home with me for all the kids. Nice.

Grocery shopping still is not my favorite thing -- but today, it sure was fun seeing the numbers on my total go down, down, down, down!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Feelin' the love,
On Sunday, I turned 35. That is a big number... except when I think about my oldest sister who turned 50 two days earlier! (he he, sorry Nancy).

So, I just had to blog about the last few days -- everyone has been so kind to call, e-mail, stop by, or come by to wish me happy birthday. It is so wonderful to feel loved. So, THANK YOU!!! And, the gifts have truly been considerate ones -- things that only a friend who knows me would know I'd love! So, THANK YOU!

The biggest thanks goes to Dave. He did it again. For my 25th birthday, he proposed to me. For my 30th birthday, he surprised me with a weekend with my college roommates all flying out to California. Now, for my 35th, we had about 20 dear friends and family over for dinner and games. Just my type of party. Dave made a delicious dinner -- baked rigatoni and meatballs. We played Drawing Charades (a Groberg tradition), and had a great time just visiting. I had to share a few pics from the night.

Okay, so also, I got some fun stuff in the mail -- one of my favorites was this cute card from my sister Jane -- she is so great about keeping up with ALL the birthdays in our family -- and we have a BIG family! Here it is!

And, finally, today, the postman delivered my present from myself... :) So fun!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking... now and then...

(this is me on my mission dressed up for Halloween October 1995)
(this is me dressed up for Pack Night October 2008)

So, 13 years later, not a whole lot has changed! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finding some fun and funny memories

So, I've been on an organizing kick lately -- determined to have a place for everything and everything in its place. The latest phase has been to do with papers and books. I found where I had been storing all my old journals, pictures and papers from years and years ago... I thought I'd just share some of the fun things I found:

* Two floppy disks (not the 3 1/2 inch kind, the big 5 1/4 inch truly floppy disks). I have NO idea what is on them, nor even how to retrieve said information. Any ideas?
* The newspapers from Jan. 19, 1999 -- our wedding day. My dad always gives us the BYU Daily Universe and the USA Today from our wedding day to remember what was going on in the world (since at that time in our lives, we certainly didn't care!) I was thumbing through the USA today and on the front page was a little blip: "Bush for President?: Texas Governor George W. Bush is undecided and undeclared about a possible run for the White house, but groundwork is being laid." Ha! The main story was a poll about how people in the US didn't think Clinton was a moral leader, but that they approved how he was running the country (remember, this was 1999 -- the boom of the economic times)
* A handwritten letter from a guy I was dating before my mission in which he subtly was trying to convince me not to go on my mission but to stay and see where things went with him. (Not from Dave. I went on my mission -- so glad I did!)
* All the pictures from my high school dances -- complete with the matching t-shirts for the casual dances and those flowery 'church' dresses we wore to the more formal ones!
* My ACT and SAT official scores -- I got a 27 on the ACT and a 1200 on the SAT. Not stellar, but it was enough to get a scholarship to BYU back in the day.
*An envelope entitled, "Open Jan. 1, 1992". I had already done that back in 1992. It was my goals evidently for 1991. Here is the list:

-- Organize my room (checked)
-- Graduate from High School and Seminary (checked)
-- YW Medallion (checked)
-- Take the AP tests (checked)
-- Write letters to Argentina and Chile (checked) ( I had just moved back to Utah after living in Argentina for 3 years)
-- Climb Mt. Timp (not checked, but I have done it a couple times since then)
-- Go to Mexico and visit Randy (not checked) -- he was my first crush in Chile and he lived in the Colonies in Mexico. We were good friends.
-- Finish up quilt (checked -- my Laurel project)
-- Finish Book of Mormon again (checked -- yeah!)
-- Get a 3.8 or higher (check)
--Get a 3.5 or higher at BYU (check -- I think I BARELY made this goal)
-- Get John (my brother) and Gayle (my sister) married (John was checked off, but my sister didn't get married for a few more years -- I think it is funny that I had that on my goal list -- like I had anything to do with it!

* I found an article that my Democrat roommate and I (Republican) had written for the Daily Universe about living together as best friends while having politically differing views. It was pretty comical, but it never got published...

Well, hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane. Now I need to go organize all the above and put it in its proper place....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Symphony for the Soul

Have a soul in need of nourishment? Take two hours at the symphony and call me in the morning.

Last night I attended the Phoenix Symphony with my sister Liz. It was last minute, but I'm so glad it worked out to go. (thanks Janae for watching Teya and to Liz for the tickets). I haven't been to the symphony for a LONG time. They had a fabulous guest pianist from Italy there. We had great seats where we could watch his fingers literally fly up and down the keyboard. He played with his whole body -- really got into it!

As I was just sitting there enjoying the music, I thought how it felt like medicine to my soul that I didn't realize I was missing. There is something soothing and healing about beautiful classical music and witnessing such accomplished talents on display. Now, I know we can't all go to the symphony every time we feel like it -- so here is my solution -- and subsequent challenge to all of you out there: Dust off one of your classical CDs (I know you have some) and put it in your player sometime in the next few days -- listen to one in the car. It will do your ears and your soul some good.

Have I ever mentioned that one of my eternal goals (since I have no hope for it in this lifetime) is to conduct a symphony? Preferably one of Beethoven's Symphonies. Can you just imagine standing up there and helping to create the amazing and beautiful sounds? Just thought I'd let you know that tidbit about me. Have a wonderful day.
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