Saturday, October 11, 2008

Symphony for the Soul

Have a soul in need of nourishment? Take two hours at the symphony and call me in the morning.

Last night I attended the Phoenix Symphony with my sister Liz. It was last minute, but I'm so glad it worked out to go. (thanks Janae for watching Teya and to Liz for the tickets). I haven't been to the symphony for a LONG time. They had a fabulous guest pianist from Italy there. We had great seats where we could watch his fingers literally fly up and down the keyboard. He played with his whole body -- really got into it!

As I was just sitting there enjoying the music, I thought how it felt like medicine to my soul that I didn't realize I was missing. There is something soothing and healing about beautiful classical music and witnessing such accomplished talents on display. Now, I know we can't all go to the symphony every time we feel like it -- so here is my solution -- and subsequent challenge to all of you out there: Dust off one of your classical CDs (I know you have some) and put it in your player sometime in the next few days -- listen to one in the car. It will do your ears and your soul some good.

Have I ever mentioned that one of my eternal goals (since I have no hope for it in this lifetime) is to conduct a symphony? Preferably one of Beethoven's Symphonies. Can you just imagine standing up there and helping to create the amazing and beautiful sounds? Just thought I'd let you know that tidbit about me. Have a wonderful day.


Marilyn said...

So glad it worked out for you to go with Liz. I thought you would both enjoy it!

Kako said...

I have been creating in my mind how I will redo my room when we get the addition and get this "office" it's own room and I can take back my space. Number one on the list is to have classical music station and a nice sitting area just for relaxation. I've already started organizing my list on i-tunes. Another thing that has surprised me as well as delighted me is knowing how many of the Grobergs have dreams of conducting. I share it and so does my brother Jim. I conduct music all the time, all by myself. And that will do.

ducklips said...

I love the symphony. The music really does let you spirit soar to wherever it wants.

I accidentally wrote sympathy first. I like that too.

VikiViki said...

I thought about August Rush when I read your blog - I guess that if you want to badly enough - you can conduct a spymphony. Maybe it will just be a symphony of your own children playing... or posssibly you and Carol and Jim could all take turns with a larger group! I have to admit, I haven't gotten my classical music out for a while - thanks for the reminder.

Red Seaglass said...

Glad to see you are playing while Dave is away! Hope the movie and lunch was great today! Sorry I missed it. ps you would be great leading a symphony!!

Janell said...

I actually don't have any classical CD's... but I do listen to classical music at work on (it's my new favorite find) I'm glad you got to go to the symphony! I can totally see you conducting one! :)

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