Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finding some fun and funny memories

So, I've been on an organizing kick lately -- determined to have a place for everything and everything in its place. The latest phase has been to do with papers and books. I found where I had been storing all my old journals, pictures and papers from years and years ago... I thought I'd just share some of the fun things I found:

* Two floppy disks (not the 3 1/2 inch kind, the big 5 1/4 inch truly floppy disks). I have NO idea what is on them, nor even how to retrieve said information. Any ideas?
* The newspapers from Jan. 19, 1999 -- our wedding day. My dad always gives us the BYU Daily Universe and the USA Today from our wedding day to remember what was going on in the world (since at that time in our lives, we certainly didn't care!) I was thumbing through the USA today and on the front page was a little blip: "Bush for President?: Texas Governor George W. Bush is undecided and undeclared about a possible run for the White house, but groundwork is being laid." Ha! The main story was a poll about how people in the US didn't think Clinton was a moral leader, but that they approved how he was running the country (remember, this was 1999 -- the boom of the economic times)
* A handwritten letter from a guy I was dating before my mission in which he subtly was trying to convince me not to go on my mission but to stay and see where things went with him. (Not from Dave. I went on my mission -- so glad I did!)
* All the pictures from my high school dances -- complete with the matching t-shirts for the casual dances and those flowery 'church' dresses we wore to the more formal ones!
* My ACT and SAT official scores -- I got a 27 on the ACT and a 1200 on the SAT. Not stellar, but it was enough to get a scholarship to BYU back in the day.
*An envelope entitled, "Open Jan. 1, 1992". I had already done that back in 1992. It was my goals evidently for 1991. Here is the list:

-- Organize my room (checked)
-- Graduate from High School and Seminary (checked)
-- YW Medallion (checked)
-- Take the AP tests (checked)
-- Write letters to Argentina and Chile (checked) ( I had just moved back to Utah after living in Argentina for 3 years)
-- Climb Mt. Timp (not checked, but I have done it a couple times since then)
-- Go to Mexico and visit Randy (not checked) -- he was my first crush in Chile and he lived in the Colonies in Mexico. We were good friends.
-- Finish up quilt (checked -- my Laurel project)
-- Finish Book of Mormon again (checked -- yeah!)
-- Get a 3.8 or higher (check)
--Get a 3.5 or higher at BYU (check -- I think I BARELY made this goal)
-- Get John (my brother) and Gayle (my sister) married (John was checked off, but my sister didn't get married for a few more years -- I think it is funny that I had that on my goal list -- like I had anything to do with it!

* I found an article that my Democrat roommate and I (Republican) had written for the Daily Universe about living together as best friends while having politically differing views. It was pretty comical, but it never got published...

Well, hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane. Now I need to go organize all the above and put it in its proper place....


Wendy said...

Oh my goodness--too funny! I'll have you know your then-Democrat roommate is currently watching the debate and loving and rooting for McCain. PLEASE scan in and send me that article--I totally forgot we wrote that. And thanks for converting me to the R party--now if only I could convince my brother . . .

So, I'm trying to remember who it was that wrote that letter--was it that EFY counselor? Or was that after the mission? Do tell do tell!

Thanks for sharing. What a fun post.

Marilyn said...

Those trips down memory lane are always fun. Thanks for sharing. The thing I've noticed about my list of goals now(vs then)is the length of said list. I used to make long, detailed and challenging lists. Now they are much shorter and obtainable. I guess in my advancing years I'm just too tired...I mean much more realistic.

VikiViki said...

I'm with Marilyn on the list thing. Although - I go so far as to include things on my list such as "Take a nap" and "Eat ice-cream". Just so I can know ahead of time that I will be ab;e to check off some things at the end of the day with 100% accuracy!

I would love to read the article that you and Wendy wrote. It would be funny. What DIDN'T you two do together? I mean, you were published in both word and song! =)

Janell said...

I love the nostalgia of cleaning out old boxes! Oh... could you please put me on your goals list? "Get Janell married off." Um, thanks!

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