Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some silly trivia about me...

I just finished planning (most of) my first sharing time, so to reward myself, I decided to blog. I've loved reading my friend's lists about themselves -- getting to know them better. I decided that instead of creating a list about me, I'd come up with the silly trivia about my past. So, read on and see if you can get all the questions right. (For the answers, you'll have to go to the comments section).

1. I have lived all of the following places except:
a. Utah
b. Argentina
c. Mongolia
d. Slovenia
e. California

2. In high school I was involved in all of the following sports except:
a. Volleyball
b. Softball
c. Swimming
d. Track
e. Basketball

3. Which of the following statements is NOT true about my high school experience:
a. I was crowned Junior princess at Homecoming
b. I was on Seminary Council
c. I sang in a traveling choir
d. I was a student body officer for 3 years.

4. In college, which of the following statements is NOT TRUE:
a. I was the lead guitarist in a band
b. I was arrested
c. I learned how to crochet afghans
d. I had to retake Biology 101

5. As a missionary, which of the following did not happen:
a. I hitchhiked several times.
b. I went on splits with elders
c. I got special permision to river raft with an investigator.
d. I stayed in the same branch my entire mission.

6. After graduating from BYU, I did all but the following:
a. Spent a month backpacking in Europe with friends.
b. Worked International Finance in Hong Kong.
c. Worked in Maryland
d. Hiked Mt. Timpanogos.

7. How did Dave and I meet?
a. We were in the same Biology 101 class (my second time).
b. We both taught at the MTC together.
c. A blind date
d. I was dating his best friend.

8. What things did Dave and I do our first 6 months of marriage:
a. Camp throughout Europe for a month.
b. Work in California.
c. Buy a triplex.
d. All of the above.

9. Put in order the following events:
a. Eden was born.
b. We moved to California.
c. We graduated from BYU (me-- MBA, Dave -- BS in Construction Management)
BONUS: Which month did all of the above occur in?

10. Which is NOT one of my favorite TV shows?
a. Lost
b. CSI
c. Psych
d. American Idol

Okay -- have your answers? Go check them out at the comment section and let me know how you did! :) Thanks for indulging!


Jennie said...

Here are the answers!

1. C. Mongolia -- I've visited there, but never lived there!
2. D. Track -- I was able to attend a small high school and as a result got to play on lots of sports teams.
3. B. Seminary Council -- I admired those who were. I actually was in a choir my Senior year and we traveled to California!
4. D. Biology 101 -- I didn't have to retake any classes, thankfully! I actually wrote a few songs, formed a band called "Or Something" and we had a few gigs (emphasis on FEW) -- mainly BYUSA stuff -- never paid. The whole geting arrested is another story for another blog. And, well, the afghans -- that could explain my lack of dates during my junior year!
5. C. River rafting -- I did do this when I came back to Slovenia with Dave, but not on my mission. It was quite common and pretty safe to hitch hike where I was and I had to go on splits once when my companion got sick and had to go home almost overnight.
6. A. Backpacking in Europe. I never did this until I was married.
7. C. Blind Date.
8. D. All of the above.
9. C. A. B. It all happened within 2 weeks in August 2000.
10. B. CSI. (I occasionally watch CSI Miami, but I am a sucker for the Idol).

How many did you get right? (out of 11 including the Bonus). Just curious to see if I stumped any of you! Hope you had fun!

VikiViki said...

OKAY - Lucky me - I had the privilege of actually living through a lot of those times with you. I had to write them down on paper and then check my answers. I got 9 out of 11 correct. The only one that I missed was number 4. I knew about your band - but didn't realize that you were the lead GUITARIST. I thought you just sang. "Where was I?"
I mean, "Where? Where? Where are you?" Also - the backpacking in Europe one tricked me because I remembered that you and Dave did it - and thought you were considering him as your "friend" and it WAS technically after your mission. But, alas, you weren't even trying to be sneaky! Fooled me. Fun quiz. I may have to come up with something like that for my blog - although - my life is not quite as exciting as yours - I DID also hitch hike on my mission. Totally freaked out my newby comp! =) Fun post Jennie.

Wendy said...

OOh, I'm good. I got all of them correct, except the TV show. I knew you liked Idol, but didn't know about the other shows. I also didn't know the exact month bonus question, but hey, that's just a bonus question, so I'll say I got 90% which is an A. Rock on!!!!

Good luck with your 1st sharing time! I was in the primary presidency for 2 years and loved it, especially to be involved with my kids. I also loved that I didn't have to teach every Sunday like primary teachers, and I loved the presidency I served with.

Mindy McNamara said...

I only got 6 right. I missed #2,#3,#4,#6,#9 (I put c,b,a....but I did get August right) and then #10.
Number 6 was a little tricky for me too. Fun idea Jennie! You have had an exciting life! :)

ducklips said...

Ok, I only got 5 right. That is pretty sad, but since I was not around for most of that, I don't feel too bad.

Hitchhiking was fun in Slovenia, quite the adventure. Plus, every time I smell really good fruit tea I think of riding in the back of that tea truck.

Marilyn said...

Wow. It makes me tired just reading about all you've done! I knew many of them but not all. Life is an adventure isn't it?!

Kako said...

I thought I would do better than I did. I think after high school I pretty much didn't follow your life as I had. How cool that you backpacked in Europe with Dave! Great post!

Orange Peanut said...

I got 9 correct (including the bonus) - not bad! That was fun!

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