Friday, May 23, 2008

I love you even though you're not a vampire...

My friend Janae recently lent me the Twilight series and I couldn't help but read them again even though I've already read them and I have so much to do. It is so fun to get completely LOST in books -- you get to journey to another world and live an alternate reality. A reality that doesn't include time to write new blogs...

So, the other night, as we were falling asleep, Dave said, "I love you" and I answered with "I love you too, even though you're not a vampire". He just laughed and went to bed. So, I started thinking about the similarities between my husband and Edward Cullen -- the vegetarian vampire. Here they go:

1) Dave will get very upset if anyone (kids included) says anything mean to me or about me. He's ultra protective.

2) No matter how much I work out, he is SO MUCH stronger than me.

3) Dave runs away at the sight of blood (not for the same reasons, but he still leaves the room)

4) He's a much better driver than I am.

5) Dave has the best smile and teeth ever.

6) If Dave gets hungry ---- WATCH OUT!!! :)

I went and bought "The Host" but I can't allow myself to read it until after we get back from our Exodus next week. (Dave and I are going on our Stake 'trek' as parents -- only it's the Exodus from the Old Testament). We have SO much to do to get ready for it!!!


VikiViki said...

Jennie - I laughed out loud at the comparisons. I just bought "The Host" and am trying to get some other things done as well before I delve into it. Have fun on your trek - hope you don't get lost for 40 years!

ducklips said...

I love the twilight series. I haven't been able to read the Host yet. We are reading it with our book club this month. Actually, since we are not meeting again til July we are reading that and Catcher In the Rye.

I love that you guys are trek parents. I think that would be so much fun. Have fun on your Exodus.

busycarrie said...

Loved the comparisons, and love the series! I want to read them all again before the movie. Ditto on the host book, can't read til school is out! Too much going on. have fun on your trek!
love ya,

Diana said...

Okay, Jennie you totally crack me up! I actually put Twilight in Matt's hands, now let's see if he will read it!

Wendy said...

I haven't read the Twilight series--but hear they're great! So, you married a vampire, huh? Can't wait to see your Exodus post. Hey, Kim started a blog! And did you know Julia had a baby girl? I talked to her today. What a gal.

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