Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I recently read my sister's blog about how productive she was in one day. I don't think I've ever been that productive -- ever. So, I got to thinking about why I'm not that productive. Here are a few reasons:

1) I will spend 5 minutes re-arranging dishes in the dishwasher to fit in that last cup instead of taking 15 seconds to just hand-wash that cup. (So, I'm down 4 minutes 45 seconds)

2) When given the option of doing ANYTHING productive or taking a nap, I opt for the latter. (Down another 1 1/2 hours) I justify this because I have never been able to sleep well at night, so I'm always tired by the time my 2 year old goes down for the afternoon.

3) I love to read and I get really into my books. I put off laundry, dishes, etc. by saying, "I'll get to all that as soon as I've finished this book". When I finish a book, I will get caught up on the necessities just enough to start a new book... (endless hours)

4) Tivo. Enough said. (The time 'saved' by not watching commercials is far outweighed by the number of shows I can now watch). (Down about 2 hours, though not every day)

5) Scrapbooking. As I've strived to 'improve' my scrapbooking ability, I find that I now spend twice as much time on any given layout -- thus getting half as much done! (down at least 30 extra minutes a page).

6) Cleaning. How, might you ask, is this not being productive? The way I 'clean' is. I will start into a pile of papers or stuff that needs to be put away. Hours later, I'm walking down memory lane or am completly side-tracked by something in the pile. (down a few hours, and a bigger mess than the one I started with).

7) Blogging. A few months ago, I barely knew this existed. Now, I love to check to see if anyone has commented on my blogs (hint-hint), and check out my friends and family. This has been so fun to feel a part of my far-away friends' lives, that I really shouldn't say this is counter-productive. But, I do spend more time on the internet than ever before... (10 minutes here, 15 minutes there...)

So, there are 7 reasons I lose out on about 8 hours each day! No wonder I'm not that productive. Speaking of productivity... I better sign off.


Okay, so WHILE I was typing away at not being productive, my two oldest kids surprised me by cleaning their bathroom without me even asking them! How's that for productivity!


VikiViki said...

Jennie - That was just a super busy day for me. I am normally doing many "counterproductive" activities. Like - taking as much time eating junk food as I take lifting at the gym! =) See you soon.

Beckie said...

Okay, can I just copy & paste your list on MY blog ? That is my life in a nutshell... you know me so well... I am relieved to know that I am not alone in my universe of zero productivity, or at least what feels like it.

Wendy said...

What about #8: playing Scrabulous! Yeah, I totally relate to your list. I must say blogging has suprised me by how much I like it. I've decided that it's cheap family therapy to write about my kids and get it all out. I'm also going to have Justin put my blog onto a CD every so often so I can feel like I'm keeping up with my journal and fmily history!

Diana said...

Oh, you crack me up! I showed my mom how to log on to my blog, and navigate while she is there. I think we have another blog addict in the making....Thanks for sharing your list of counter productives, definately can relate!

Linds said...

I laughed so hard when reading this. It makes me miss hanging out with you! We work very similarly :)! Love hearing about your lives and can't believe how much the kids have grown up. It's been too long since we've seen you. Hope you all head out to Nauvoo sooner than later and come this way.

Kim said...

All moms must be a little a like. I totally relate to your list. I especially like the blogging excuse. I'm now addicted to blogging - it really is fun learning about my friends again.

ducklips said...

I think I'm signing on to your list of guilty moms w/ the counter productivity list. The sad thing is that I think I am even less productive since my husband has been working for home. I mean who needs dressers when you can just pull clothes out of the basket?

Conner said...

Josh & Eden Cleaned the bathroom! Now that's Cool!


Liz said...

Your kids are awesome. Can you send them over here to clean the bathroom? I love #6 on the list. That is one of my biggest counter-productive problems...getting side tracked.

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