Wednesday, August 20, 2008

33 things you might not know about Dave

Happy Birthday Dave!

Yesterday, Dave turned 33, so I decided to come up with 33 perhaps lesser-known facts about Dave. Enjoy!
1. He learned how to speak with a British accent while living in England from the ages of 3-6.
2. He won the highest Intramural level championship in Ultimate Frisbee with his roommates a few times at BYU.
3. He is a fabulous cook -- very creative with the spices!
4. He doesn't really like to read. It takes him a few months to read a book -- even a fast-paced page-turner!
5. He is the hardest worker in our family by a long shot.
6. He uses an electric razor to shave each morning.
7. He was the first Junior in his high school to ever win the annual (spoof) pagaent and title of "Mr. Bruin" (they were the Bruins).
8. He attended school in England, Colorado, San Antonio and Virginia.
9. He played football throughout junior high and high school & was captain of the football team his Senior year.
10. He hit a birdie on the 17th hold at TPC Sawgrass in Florida. (very few professional players can even do that!)
11. He was offered a scholarship to play football for Dartmouth.
12. He is a great snow skier (and water skier).
13. He has been in a Young Mens calling our entire marriage.
14. He hated camping before he resigned himself to his fate and got some good equipment.
15. He does a great Scooby Doo impression.
16. His favorite jokes have to do with bathroom humor -- typical guy!
17. He was financial secretary on his mission to Mendoza, Argentina.
18. He has a balding spot on the top of his head that he didn't know existed until he saw a picture of his head months later! (this is the picture he saw)
19. He likes the show "Burn Notice".
20. He'll eat whatever I manage to make for dinner and not complain about my lack of culinary skills.
21. He is a parrot head. (If you don't know what that is -- it is an avid Jimmy Buffett fan)
22. He loves to snorkle (especially in Hawaii).
23. He is one of the youngest Executive Vice Presidents Layton has ever had.
24. He turns into an annoying, but entertaining little brother everytime he is around his two older sisters.
25. He takes the kids out one at a time to breakfast on Saturdays. They go to Denny's and most of our plastic cups are now from Dennys.
26. Once a month, when he goes camping (and thus can't take out a kid to breakfast), he takes Josh camping with him.
27. He can fall asleep in 2 seconds flat.
28. He is great with the youth -- they think he's cool, which he is.
29. He has taken one, maybe two sick days the whole time I've known him.
30. For my 30th birthday he suprised me by organizing a weekend where all my college roommates flew out to California from all over the country!
31. He loves peanut butter M&Ms and Oreos.
32. He loves Florida Gators football. (Here is a pic with him and his college roommates. They all flew out for a game last fall in the Swamp).
33. He is gone to work by 5:30 a.m. most mornings.

I could have added tons about his strong testimony, his wonderful husband and father qualities, and his great friendships, but, I wanted to stick to some lesser-known stuff and I'm sure you already knew all that stuff about him! Happy Birthday Dave! I love you!


VikiViki said...

Aah - you are so sweet Jennie. I actually thought about doing something similar for Greg for his b-day last week, but realized that he doesn't ever read my blog - so I bought him tickets to a BYU football game instead! Dave is a great guy. Happy Birthday Dave - you finally caught up to me! HaHaHa! Being 33 isn't so bad!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Dave! What a great all around guy. I relate to not liking to read a lot--I don't know how I ever majored in English.

I am still so impressed he organized the roommate birthday surprise, and kept it a surprise! He was so nice to buy us ALL manicures and pedicures--the only pedicure I've ever had! And he was extra nice to circle the airport in the late hours of the night, trying to pick us all up.

He's a catch, Jennie!

Mindy McNamara said...

We love you Dave. We are still cracking up about your "splash & dash" adventure in Tempe Town Lake. You are one of a kind and we are so grateful to be considered "friends".

B & M

Orange Peanut said...

What a nice tribute! It's nice to get to know him a little better! He and Ryan sound very similar!

I'm sure he had a nice birthday and was spoiled with the love of his adoring family!

Janell said...

What a GREAT list. I would like to add that he likes to have his picture taken! Ha-ha! :) Dave is GREAT! Thanks for sharing his "spotlight" info, Jennie. Happy belated Birthday, Dave... I'm glad you were born! :)

Liz said...

That was really fun to read some things about Dave. Like the you, I think he pretty cool too!! Happy 33rd Dave.

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