Monday, September 29, 2008

Laughable Annoyances

There are little things throughout the day that always bother me. So, I decided to blog about them, in a hopefully humorous way, thus turning them from little annoyances into laughable annoyances. This way, the next time they happen, I'll remember the blog and laugh instead of getting annoyed.

1. When I'm all done drying off in the shower and the shower head decides to douse me with a few final trickles of water.

2. 6 socks that are all just slightly different -- no matches-- when trying to help Josh get dressed in the morning!

3. Going downstairs in the morning and realizing you left something perishable out all night!

4. After you pour a bowl of cereal and you open the fridge for milk, only to find about 3 tsp. left in the carton. (Especially when you are the mom and are responsible for buying milk -- oops).

5. Opening up your drawer of pens and pencils to find just pen lids and unsharpened pencils. One of these days I'm going to move a piece of furniture and find 800 pens and pencils and 450 rubberbands and hairclips, I just know it!

6. Opening up the dryer (where the clothes have been sitting since you did laundry last week) to find they didn't fully dry!

7. When TIVO cuts off the last 2 minutes of your favorite show.

8. Speaking of TIVO, when are they going to invent TIVO for the radio -- because I hate it when I turn on the car to find the last few refrains of my favorite song, or want to rewind it 30 seconds to hear what the DJs were talking about -- or when you want to pause the song while you run in for a quick errand.

9. When you adjust your head on your pillow in the middle of the night and are met with wetness from drool -- gross I know -- but am I the only one who drools occasionally? (Sorry to ruin that almost perfect perception you had of me!)

Well, hope I made you laugh a little, or relate to some things. Hopefully now I'll laugh more and roll my eyes less!


Diana said...

TOTALLY making me laugh! Guess what I was doing Saturday in between reading blog posts? sharpening pencils!! I hate when you go to use one and they aren't sharpened! And yep drool....I just flip the pillow :)

Wendy said...

Great post Jennie! Way to look at the glass half full, but not the milk glass, since you're out! I so relate on the pen lids and unsharpened pencils. I stock up on pens like crazy and also hair elastics and they dissapear daily. Argh! And TIVO cutting off at the end--nothing is worse!

VikiViki said...

That was great. I really think you ought to pursue the whole "TIVO" thing for the radio. RIVO??? I bet with all of the digital technology - somthing could be done about that. And if you patent it, just think - you could be even richer! (And more uplifted when your song doesn't cut out on you!!) =)

Janell said...

I LIKE YOU! Thanks for calling it like it is! :) I'm a fan of "Rivo!" It only takes one good idea to make millions... there you go! :)

Mandy Stewart said...

I relate to all of these, especially the perishable one!!! I am glad to know I am not the only one. Thanks for being who you are Jenny. You are a great example to me and many others! Thanks for making me smile today

Kim said...

Funny Jennie! I so relate to your annoyances. The shower, Tivo, and losing all little things seem drive me crazy. Now I can laugh the next time they happen.

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