Tuesday, August 11, 2009

so sweet

I'm so behind on blogging about all our birthdays, our vacation to Idaho/Utah, school starting, etc., but I just had to take a picture and share what I found by my bed last night.

The kids were just on one last night -- right about the time I was cooking dinner -- so I sent them to their rooms -- not as a punishment -- just to get them out of the kitchen and to quiet them down.

When I went to bed last night, I saw this little note that Eden wrote.
It says, "For you Mom. I'm sorry about what happened tonight. Love, Eden". She had given me a necklace that she made out of beads and dental floss. (Her very own creation).

Isn't that just sweet!


VikiViki said...

That is so sweet! Gotta love those tender mercies from our sweet kids!

Wendy said...

Oh sweet! Hey Jennie--I keep meaning to tell you that my kids are big John Schmidt fans suddenly--thanks to his song on You Tube--Taylor Swift meets Cold Play medley--my kids love it (google it to find it). It brought back a load of BYU memories listening to John Schmidt. I even got his sheet music out and tinkered around with it a bit. Eden would probably love his new songs too, since she's the same age as my girls.

Diana said...

what a thoughtful gift! Makes you remember why you LOVE them, sometimes it seems like it's hard, but they are WAY worth it! (I am saying this more to myself than to you....)

Melissa said...

That is so sweet! Its nice to have them remind you why you keep them alive some days. :)

Melissa said...

Hey Jennie,
We live in Dallas where the game is. If he needs a place to stay or would like to stop by sometime, we'd love to see him. Let me know.

chrisandkate88 said...

Soooo sweet!

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