Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

So, Teya is spoiled. She couldn't decide on a costume this year. And, since I didn't plan out anything in particular, she ended up being four -- yes 4 -- different costumes this year for four different parties/events we had.

Eden was a Zombie Princess and Josh was Frankenstein.

One of our events was a tap recital for Teya. It was to the song "Ghostbusters". It was the cutest thing. Later that night we had a school party "Monster Mash" and Eden was front and center the whole night dancing. I had to put the two dances (Teya's recital and Eden's dancing) together on a video to show the difference 5 years can make. Eden is 5 years older than Teya.

Also on the video is Eden when she sang the solo for "surfin' USA" for her school musical. Just to show that she isn't always so crazy and scary looking!



Melissa said...

So cute! I love ALl of the costumes.

Diana said...

oh, my! Teya--what a CUTIE--couldn't help but giggle :) Jennie you are getting so good at those videos! You'll have to teach me...still haven't figured it out!

Hemsath Family Blog said...

What fun! Your kids are so adorable, and that tap recital was just happiness in a tutu if you ask me. Love how you spliced the video together. So creative.

Kim said...

I let my three year old change costumes multiple times as well. That's what Halloweens for - to dress up right?

Beckie said...

Very cool video! Oh no... something else to add to my "to do" list. :)

Sarah Crawford said...

Great video! The kids looked great and it was fun to watch that Zombie princess dance her heart out at the school party!

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