Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Goals

So, I'm thinking about all the things I want to accomplish this year. I love the enthusiasm that comes with January 1st -- the endless possibilities, the limitless energy. Or, maybe that is just the sugar high from all the Christmas goodies I devoured.

Anyway, I want to do so much this year: learn to play the cello, relearn the guitar (especially playing tablature and hymns), run/bike 400 miles, (by the way, I made my goal of 200 miles in 2009 -- I even ran 204 miles last year -- I know -- OVERACHIEVER!!!!

I also want to take up oil painting -- but not your typical style. I love my older brother's style and he is going to mentor me. Here is a link to some of his stuff. If I learn it well enough, I'd love to paint you a picture for your home... :)'s-Artwork.html

I also need to get back into practicing piano, and reading all sorts of wonderful books that my mind hasn't discovered yet. Oh, and I'm in a writing group that I LOVE and I am making all sorts of goals and working on that as well.

See what I mean about the sugar high?

So, I decided I need to list all the things I HAVE to do in 2010, and then maybe I'll get a bit more realistic:

Things I HAVE to do in 2010:

Make dinner 365 times
Buy enough cereal for 365 x 5 meals -- and clean said 365 x 5 bowls
Make 270 x 2 Peanut Butter Sandwiches (Actually, come August, that will have to be multiplied by 3 -- Teya starts all day Kindergarten then!!!!)
Shower at least 300 times (let's be realistic, there are days I just don't make it to a shower)
Sleep 365 x 8 hours -- this has to be an actual goal, because I struggle with sleep, and it won't happen, unless I make it a goal!
Do 295 loads of laundry (just a guesstimate)
Sweep the floor 300 times
Mop the floor 50 times
Replace chlorine tablets 1 x a month from Jan - April and then 3 times a week for the rest of the year.
Liquidate all my ribbon -- PLEASE let me know if you want any -- I'm selling it for at or below my cost -- so, it will be a great deal. I've even started up my ebay auctions again! Aargh.

Well, I'll stop boring you. I'm really looking forward to this year. So much to learn, so little time....


Corey said...

So, does that mean you're eating cereal for those 365 dinners you have to make? :) Sounds like a plan to me. If its okay to have cereal every morning for breakfast, why not every night for dinner. I did hear that you should never eat a cereal that colors your milk. That way you'll be healthy. Good luck with all those goals. You've made me tired. Oh I think I'm logged on as Corey, so its me Melissa not Corey.

Kim said...

Wow Jennie - you have always inspired me. I don't think I can quite reach those kind of goals, but I now want to set some. Thanks for the nudge. Hey Jeff's direct boss is Jeff Holmes. Small world. Jeff Blair seems to really like and respect him and looks forward to working with him.

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