Sunday, October 11, 2015

Death is a love song

A few months ago, I had a health scare. Fortunately, it turned out to not be what the doctors thought it was, but for a week or two, I thought my body was harboring an early expiration date. During this time, I also reminisced on the 10th anniversary of the premature death of my best friend, Trudy Barrett, who was killed in a car accident. One night, I couldn't sleep, and lines of a poem traversed my wakeful brain. So, I got out my ever-near laptop, and wrote this up. With very little editing, here it is:

Death is a love song
by Jennie Blaser 7/2015

Death is a love song,
plaintive and true.

Knees hitting floors 
in a constant beat
Hands stretched in service, 
a ballad so sweet.

arms ‘ere enfolding,
never alone, 
wishes and gratitude
harmony of hope

and memories,
and laughter,
and more of the same.

and what-ifs,
and miss-outs,
and tears without name.

Fears and regrets
tempt to devour.
Faith’s steady rhythm
displays its power.

Family, oh! Family,
the chorus swells.
Friends left with legacies,
stories to tell.

and worries,
and achings,
and notes strive to mend.

and last walks,
and last talks,
and see you agains.

Parts where no lyrics
could hope to convey
wills given over,
plans to obey.

With flowers that grow,
and are cut premature,
their comfort, their wisdom
adorning the earth.

Death is a love song,
plaintive and true.

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madelinemarie said...

Can't believe it's been ten years already! Was I really only 13 when that happened?
I love the poem though. Very beautiful, and extremely well written!

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