Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bathroom etiquette?

When Josh goes #2 (poo) in the bathroom (Do people even know what #2 is anymore?), he strips down --- ALL of his clothes. We never taught him this, but he just feels that this is essential. Hey, I don't complain -- he's potty trained! He also takes about 15-20 minutes each time he has to go. It is quite the ordeal.

Well, yesterday he was in the bathroom and I was in the kitchen and could hear him calling out for something. Assuming it was toilet paper, I opened the door slightly and asked him if he needed some toilet paper.

"No," he replied, "But, can you bring me the cheetos?"

I immediately said no, but was laughing about it the rest of the day! I explained that is simply wasn't appropriate to eat while going to the bathroom. "But I'm STARVING!" he said. I told him to just hurry and he said, "I can't hurry! Please! Eden brings toys into the bathroom, and I'm so hungry!"

I drew the line. I guess we need to have a little family lesson on bathroom etiquette.


ducklips said...

That is hilarious! Maybe just put a little vending machine next to your kids bathroom. That way you don't have to come running when they want a snack.

Janell said...

HA-HA-HA-HA! That is SO funny. Cheetos will never be the same! :)

Dawn said...

You can't rush nature mom!

Myla said...

William strips down too (but not food) - maybe it's a boy thing!?

Adam said...

Ever heard of takin' your time

Orange Peanut said...

That is funny!!! We have a child who like to strip all the way down to his birthday suit for #2 as well!

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