Sunday, April 27, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Okay, so Eden will probably hold a grudge about this entry for years to come, but I just had to capture this and share it.

Eden is an 'angel' for all her school teachers, her primary teachers, and other adults she is around. She isn't perfect, however, as demonstrated in the picture below. The only two things that really get her mad and cause her to throw a fit are if she thinks she is going to be late for school (NO idea where that gene came from), or if I tell her she can't play with her friends. She is such a social butterfly that friends are everything to her right now.

I caught this on camera after telling her she couldn't go to a friend's house. I only took it because years ago, my older sister caught me on camera throwing a similar fit. I now love that picture because it is so realistic of how I still feel sometimes, and how my kids all act at times. So, here are two fit-throwing pictures -- one of Eden (2008), one of me (circa 1978). Enjoy!


Diana said...

Okay, now that IS funny.

Dawn said...

that is hilarious - you do look very much alike!

Wendy said...

That is so awesome! How cool that you remembered your photo. What a funny comparison. Now Eden will have to keep up the tradition and catch her daughter throwing a fit.

I love reading your blog!!

Home Maintenance Geek said...

Thanx for the smiles. That is so cute. You're right, she'll appreciate it.... later.
Love The Blog Baby, especially "sexy Scrabbler." Tricky Jen. KATHY B

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