Thursday, November 6, 2008

politically incorrect ramblings

I just wanted to blog a bit about politics, this week being an historic week and all. Arizona was one of three states (FL and CA being the others) where an ammendent to the state constitution protecting marriage was on the ballot. While we haven't got near the heat that CA has, it has been a big issue here. We had yard signs (until they got stolen), passed out flyers, and I even took a shift at the polls Tuesday (outside the 75 foot limit of course) to encourage people to vote.
About 30 people thanked me for what I was doing (holding up a sign and smiling), and only one person was negative. It was a Mom with her two little sons and she yelled at me that my sign was 'disgusting' and told her boys I represented "Hate". Oh well. If that's the worst -- bring it on.

I really feel for my sister Gayle in the Bay Area. Prop 8 passed -- YEAH! That is a huge victory, but now she still has to deal with the consequences of living in a specific area where Prop 8 was soundly defeated. No thanks. I will say to my Californian friends that while I was up late Tuesday refreshing my browser to see if Prop 8 was passing or not, I was reading some of the articles and one of them had the following comment, "I'm so glad that prop 8 looks like it is passing. This is thanks to all those Mormon volunteers. I hope now San Fransiscans realize the rest of California doesn't agree with them." There was more, and it obviously wasn't written by a Mormon, so all you CA members -- your efforts were noted and appreciated by those outside our faith. Hope that makes you feel better!

As far as the presidential election, while I was disappointed that McCain didn't win, I can appreciate the historic aspect of Obama's victory. I still hope that many of his proposals die in the process of enactment (i.e., capital gains tax hikes, tax hikes in general, healthcare). And, what is the deal with his non-US citizenship? I hope that gets addressed more fully, I mean, if he couldn't be approved to work for the FBI or the CIA, should he be allowed to be commander in chief? But, I don't think it is the end of the world (just the end of an era). To put a positive spin on things, I should be grateful that we are in a position where we will be adversely affected financially by the new president. Better than being on welfare, right?

So, on Sunday we had a state-wide regional conference -- the entire state of Arizona was addressed by Pres. Packer and others via satellite. He ended by directly encouraging us to prepare for perilous times ahead. But also reminded us that faith is the opposite of fear and that we are a people of faith, not fear. So, fear not...

peace out.


Dawn said...

I'm officially in the market for a bumper sticker that says "Mitt 2012"

VikiViki said...

I like the bumper sticker idea, Dawn. I heard another one that my friend made up, "Don't blame me, I voted McCain." =)

I too stayed up refreshing my browser to check on Prop 8. I am glad it passed, but also know that it is nowhere near the last that we'll hear about it... I want Gayle to move out of Cali somtimes. Argh. See ya' next week...

Orange Peanut said...

Thanks Jennie! You sould see the video I posted on my blog!

If Obama is not a natural citizian of the US, he can not be President of the US. It is pretty clear in our Constitution. I do hope that gets addressed!

It is what it is - we just need to be sure to prepare each day for what is to come!

Our Army Family said...

Hi Jennie
I found your blog on Bojana's, your family looks great.

Jelka Croucher

scollier said...

Funny story....Jonathan went to a program director meeting last week. The program director from California, who is not of our faith, told Jonathan how grateful he was for the LDS church and all they did to get prop 8 to pass. Just another confirmation that the efforts did not go unnoticed!

S.J. Crawford said...

Jennie- I LOVED the part about being glad you would be adversely affected by his policies. Took me a minute to get it but I like it!! Great blog!

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