Sunday, March 15, 2009

catching up

It is catch up time on the blog. I know you all so anxiously await my each and every post, so sorry to have kept you waiting!

Here are some fun photos of the kids at a recent soccer day. Our Saturdays are simply filled with soccer, but they love it!

I swear, Teya refuses to smile for the camera -- that is the only pose this stage of her life is going to show. Isn't her new haircut cute, though? I love it. Eden got a cute new cut too. If only she cared about doing her hair in the morning....

Here are just a few ramblings about our life these days.

Dave and I went on a diet together. It's been a week and I've already cheated about 5 times. oops. Dave only lasted 3 days. We were both so grumpy because we were hungry that I'm glad he 'stopped', for our kids' sake. Of course, he did lose two pounds and I lost nothing. Oh, the cruelty. (I guess I did cheat, but still, I work out every day too. that should count for something!)

Speaking of working out, I started yet another class at the gym called "Dance Jam". We learn a choreographed routine to the latest hip songs on the radio. It is a workout! so tiring, but FUN. We are jumping and sliding and popping all around doing these routines to "Hot & Cold" or Beyonce or even Britney. It is tons of fun and a few weeks ago, I got the routine of the day down enough that when he asked for someone to lead the class, I volunteered! I don't have a dancing bone in my body and I'm such a white chick, but I got up on the 'stage' and led everyone in the routine! Can you believe it!

Josh continues to entertain us with his blatant honesty and observations. As were driving home from Stake Conference a few weeks ago (granted, it was hard to hear in the very back where we were sitting), he said, "Well, that was the most boring thing ever!"

The other night after his bath he said, "Sometimes when I get water up my bum, I fart bubbles." Speaking of that certain sound, he has discovered how to make it with his armpit and now walks around shirtless all day so he can have easy access to his pits to make that silly sound. boys will be boys. I guess.

He also told me the other day, "Mom, if you ever get the chance to hold a centipede, DON'T. They are poisonous." Thanks.

Well, my sleep patterns are SO erratic (3 hours one night, 2 hours the next, 13 hours the next -- playing catch up). Yesterday I was juicing oranges (just trying to get rid of them!) and I was so tired that I said out loud, "I'm standing asleep falling up". It made perfect sense to me.

I'm trying a new medicine tonight. Hope it works. Alright, enough rambling.

I'll end with a VERY exciting occurrence in our house: Teya went #2 in the potty! It was during scripture study tonight and so I told her we'd just read loud so she could hear. In between 'grunting', she'd shout out, "Louder -- I can't hear you!". It was so cute and we were so happy for her! Hope it holds out!


VikiViki said...

That is hilarious. I am so happy for Teya. I think I have been 'standing asleep falling up' before too! Hope your new meds work out better. LOVE those new haircuts.

BoĊĦtjan, Bojana, Zala in Kaja said...

I enjoy reading about your family and life around your house so, yes, thanks for your posts...Oh, I need to start exercising as well, I guess going for walks and running after kids isn't enough!

Wendy said...

Fun happenings! I love Josh's most boring meeting ever comment. I love kid's honesty. I hope the medicine works and helps you catch for ZZZzzzzs. Isomnia has got to be so frustrating. Justin had it his whole childhood and still has horrible memories and feelings of sleepless night.

Ryan Kanzler said...

Okay - you and Dave need to find another name for a diet. Maybe it's a fitness goal, I don't know, no clever names are coming to me right now.

I am way jealous about that work out class. Ummm, hi, I love to dance, it would be perfect for me.

Sounds like fun!

Kim said...

Cute pictures! I love the girls' haircuts. That exercise class sounds fun too. I just started doing water aerobics at our YMCA and I love it. Good luck on getting sleep. Do they know what causes it. What do you do when you can't sleep?

Melissa said...

Thanks for the good laughs. Your kids sound like a hoot. I'd love to come to your family scripture study. Other than that I hope you can get some sleep. Sleep deprived mommies are the worst. I'm often one of them myself.

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