Sunday, March 1, 2009

bribe gone bad

We are really trying to get Teya potty-trained. Last night we could tell she needed to go #2, so I rushed her into the bathroom and sat her down, and stayed with her, reading her a story, and holding her hand. She won't stay in there by herself. I even bribed her with ice-cream if she went.

Well, 20 minutes later, no luck. So, we got her diaper back on and went to finish dinner. She ate her dinner so well that I gave her a little bit of ice cream along with the rest of us.

About 10 minutes later when she was supposed to be brushing her teeth, she ran to the top of the stairs and cried out, "Mommy, I'm poopy! And I already ate all my ice cream!" and ran back to her room.

What a little stinker -- in more ways than one!


VikiViki said...

We had a "bribe gone realy bad" today - in sacrament meeting - I'll have to tell you about it sometime in a not-so-public forum! Good luck with Teya - Lane has NO desire to start yet. =(

Kim said...

Sounds like something a couple of my kids would have done at the time. Just remember, they probably will be potty trained before they go to kindergarten so it doesn't matter. She do it when she decides she wants to.

Beckie said...

Really, a very smart stinker. Gotta love potty training. Ugh!

Liz said...

ooo...she's a smart one!....I'm personally not a fan of the whole potty training thing. I'm in denial that I'm going to have to do that at least two more times.

Orange Peanut said...

Funny! We are in the midst of potty training too! I hope it goes smoothly for you!

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