Wednesday, February 25, 2009

in need of a giggle?

Nothing terribly exciting has happened in the Blaser home lately -- and I'd like to keep it that way. The only downside is -- what do I blog about? So, here are some very random things that I hope bring a smile to your face.

Yesterday we were in the library (that is always so quiet) looking for some books, and Teya all of sudden starts singing really loud "Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah I'm going to start a fight!" (that song 'So What' by P!nk). It was embarrassing, but funny.

A few months ago I attempted to go off my sleep medicine. This resulted in weeks of very bizarre dreams. After you read some of them, you'll understand why I went back on the medicine (that and I couldn't sleep).

Dream #1: I was in the finals of a spelling bee with my friend Sarah Crawford (from my ward). The last word was some oft-used word in the Book of Mormon and I was really glad I had read my scriptures as it paid off and I won the spelling bee! (Translation: Sarah's daughter had just won the school spelling bee. I never made it past the classroom level in my school growing up so I must have some sort of complex that I was trying to make up for by patting myself on the back about scripture reading).

Dream #2: The woodpeckers won. Their insistent pecking at our eaves got them inside our roof and they pecked right through the sheet rock. I was sleeping peacefully when a flock of woodpeckers came in through our bathroom wall and went on the attack. (Translation: I hate woodpeckers and you can read all about it here: woodpeckers )

Dream #3: Simon Cowell kept having contestants get sick or be 'no shows' for the Top Ten of the American Idol show. So, he'd call me to fill in at the last minute. Every time he did, I'd protest that I had stage fright and couldn't sing, but he always said I'd be great. So, I was in several episodes of American Idol. I guess I got voted in to stay for a while, but every week I wanted to be eliminated. (Translation: Not really sure. I love American Idol. I can't sing and I do have stage fright.)

Dream #4: My friend Liz Hall (in my ward -- who is a GREAT cook and practically perfect in every way) asked me to join her and some friends in opening up a local bistro. However, we decided to call it a 'bistro' (rhyme the i with the i in kiss) instead of 'beestro' because we didn't want to sound too pretentious. And, I was only allowed to make my peppermint dessert (see all about it in my duct tape dessert entry). I kept asking if I could help out with the other menu items and she kept saying "No, Jennie, you just stick to that dessert. It's going to be our signature item -- it will bring the customers in. We couldn't do this without you". (Translation: I can't cook worth beans, and I'm always on Liz's blog for her recipes. I also would never use the word pretentious to describe myself. And, although the peppermint dessert was somewhat of a mistake, it was really good and everyone who had it raved about it and wanted more. It was nice to have had something successful come out of my kitchen)

Okay -- see what I mean about weird dreams? Here are some other funny things from Teya.

I was helping her say her prayers at night. I say a line, she repeats it, etc. I said, "Help me to sleep well" and she said, "Help me to stay up a little bit longer".

We were reading scriptures and Teya wanted to 'read' a verse. Dave would say a phrase and she'd repeat it.
Dave: "And it came to pass"
Teya: "And it came to pass"
Dave: "That Jesus said"
Teya: "That Jesus said"
(just then, something dropped off the couch and hit Dave and under his breath he said 'crap')
Teya: "Crap".

That might be sacrilegious -- sorry. I hope I didn't offend anyone! It was pretty funny -- and we really try hard not to use that kind of language around here. (Oh no, am I sounding pretentious??)

Well, the sink is overflowing with dishes and laundry needs to be done -- but I hope you had a giggle or two. Some days -- that is all I need to keep on going!


Wendy said...

The crap story is hilarious. And psycho dreams! That's a sheer sign of intelligence that you can actually remember that many details about your dreams. I usually forget my dreams about 1 minute after I wake up!

Melissa said...

Too funny! And I would for sure keep taking the medicine. I have dreams like that when I'm pregnant or take NyQuil. I had one where I was in a grocery store that was alphabetized (tator tots, then tootsie pops, etc...) and the Electric Slide came over the speakers and everyone started doing it in the aisles. I hate line dances. WEIRD! Thanks for the laughs.

Marilyn said...

I was in need of a giggle and you gave me one (or two or three) so thank you! Sleep tight.

Beckie said...

I am glad to know that I'm not the only one who has bizarre dreams! I don't even TRY to analyze... I would have to call in a professional! This post is hilarious. Teya is a total hoot & the crap story... thanks for a good morning laugh!

VikiViki said...

Wow - those are some crazy dreams -and you must not have been sleeping very well to be able to remember them so clearly! The prayers are so cute...Lane is saying some super funny things as well - thanks for reminding me to write them down! =)

Kim said...

Thanks for the laughs Jennie. You made my day with Teya's scripture story. Those are crazy dreams too. I usually only have dreams like that when I'm pregnant or stressed. Good luck.

Liz said...

Funny stuff...I love the stories about Teya...your kids are funny! I'm not very good at remembering or writing down funny stuff like that...{note to to do better}
Funny dream about the bistro...but delete that part about "practically perfect in every way" ...embarrassing!!...I'm so far from perfect in ANY way. :)

Orange Peanut said...

You are funny! I have random dreams too!

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