Thursday, September 17, 2009

Letter to Stanford

Recently I've been transferring over old files from my dilapidated PC to my fancy new Mac. I've been going through them to clean them out, delete ones I don't need, etc. I stumbled across this letter that I actually sent to Stanford back in 1998.

Gall anyone?

Stanford Graduate School of Business

518 Memorial Way

Stanford University

Stanford, CA 94305-5015

Dear Admissions Committee,

I recently received my notification that I will not be able to attend the Masters of Business Administration Program at Stanford University. I want to thank you for taking the time to review my application. It was a learning and growing experience to apply to such a reputable school. You most likely receive many letters from rejected applicants inquiring further explanations as to why they were not accepted into the program. This is not one of those letters.

In fact, the reason I am writing will hopefully bring a smile to your face that will provoke some follow-up action. I spent several months and about $200 dollars studying for the GMAT. I also spent two months writing, re-writing, editing, and re-writing my Stanford application essays. I mailed off a large-size application envelope with a check for $140 enclosed. In return, I received a thin envelope costing all of $.32 to mail. I am asking for a little bit more in return for the effort I expended in applying. I am asking for a T-shirt from Stanford University, please. Any kind will do. I just want to be able to have something other than a single sheet of paper to show for the time and effort allotted to the Ivy League King of the West. I wear a size medium.

Thank you so very much.


Jennie M. Groberg


Diana said...

HELLO?!---did you get the shirt?! :)

Wendy said...

You rock! And yes, did you ever get the shirt? Or even a pen, at least?

VikiViki said...

Twice spoekn already - that is what I was going to ask - you can't just post such a cliffhanger like that!!

p.s. A medium? Hello, skinny!

Lisa Andrews said...

Too funny!

Jennie said...

No, they never sent me a shirt. They never even replied to my letter! The one sunny side of things about getting rejected to Stanford. I was dating Dave at the time and things were starting to get serious. I had already been accepted into BYU, and was waiting to hear back from Stanford. Dave was there when I got my rejection letter. He literally jumped for joy. Awww!

GrGrGr said...

We're with Dave -- still jumping for joy the way it all turned out!
A great post. I love learning fun insights into our kids by reading their blogs.

Marilyn said...

How funny! I loved it. And it didn't surprise me one bit. Jennie, you are awesome! I had a good laugh earlier today when I found something I had written many years ago. It was a list entitled "Boys who I've had a close relationship with who I don't want to marry". I had numbered it all the way to 50. Only the first 10 numbers had names next to them. Matt was number 6.

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