Thursday, May 20, 2010

I love this kid

It is sure entertaining to be Josh's mom. He recently lost one of his front teeth. It took several days to fall out, despite his constant wiggling and turning and pulling. He even let me have a go at it several times. One day, he came up and showed me how he could practically turn his tooth completely around inside his mouth. I knew it had to go. I got a good hold and yanked. No blood, no foul. He was glad to have it out. Here are some pictures of his new smile.
He also recently brought home a little book that he made about me for Mother's day. (He forgot to bring it home FOR mother's day). In it, he described his view of me. I thought I'd share some gems:

My mom works at home and earns $30.00 every day. I love her best because she cleans the house while I'm at school. My mom is 5.13 feet tall and probably weighs 71 pounds. Her eyes are green (they are blue). My mom's hair is long, curly, and brown. The best present I could give my mom would be a heart of love.

Her favorite sport: baseball. (no)
Her favorite color: red (blue).
Her favorite pet: none (correct)
Her favorite food: veggies (not really)
Her favorite TV show: Heroes (I finally finished watching last season)
Her favorite dessert: ice cream (correct)
Her favorite book to read to me: One from her writing group (true!)
Her favorite game to play with me: Ticket to Ride (correct)

For fun, my mom likes to: SLEEP. (I laughed out loud at this one -- so true!)

If my mom had a million dollars, she would buy: 'house keeping'.

Nothing gets past Josh -- except maybe my eye color and my apparently anorexic status. He truly is a joy to have in our family, even if he was patient zero for our recent round of the stomach flu. We'll take him and his smile any day!


Wendy said...

I love those answers! Hey, Ticket to Ride Europe is my favorite game! Why aren't we neighbors?!!? We could sneak out and eat ice cream every night after the kids went to bed. Dangit!

How's your writing group going?

Diana said...

this made me laugh! I love that you are 5 13" and you make $30! I think he and Carson lost the same front tooth! Too funny!

GrGrGr said...

It's interesting the perception kids have, isn't it? You're a great Mom and have great kids.
Love that smile JOSH!

Kim said...

I love it! Kids say the best things. He sure is a cute kid.

Aaron said...

We love that kid, too. Some of Josh's fans: the Barretts

Melissa said...

We are going to be in Utah for the first 3 weeks of July most likely. Corey's family is meeting us there too, so it will be a marathon visit. When are you going to be there? I definitely want to see you. Here's my e-mail:

kayla beth said...

that was so adorable he sounds like a very lovable kid. it sounds like you love him dearly and he is very close to your heart. awwww!

BoĊĦtjan, Bojana, Zala in Kaja said...

I like reading about Josh, he's really something:-)

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