Saturday, June 26, 2010

catching up

I'm not even going to apologize for not blogging in so long. My blog, my schedule. But, I do go to bed most nights feeling bad that I haven't written down (again) all the clever things my kids come up with.

I'd love to spend a day inside Josh's mind, just to see how it works. These are just a few of the comments he's said lately:

"I'm sure glad I'm a human, and not a bunch of lice." (He went on to explain how he didn't think he'd like to eat scalp for his whole life).

"How do you make green bubbles?" "Toot in our pool" (It was greenish at the time).

"Mom, do you think some of my ancestors helped to build the Great Wall of China?" (Me: "No", Josh, "But, they might have, right? They could have gone over to China and helped all the peasants there build the wall?")

Teya comes up with her share of laughs as well. The other night she was whining at bedtime, saying, "But I always brush my teeth. Why can't someone else take a turn brushing my teeth? I always do it. Not fair!" In fact, she was so adamant about it, she refused to brush her teeth until I did it for her. She ended up crawling up on our piano bench to wait for me to finish whatever I was doing on the computer so I would brush her teeth. She fell asleep (w/o brushing her teeth). I guess she won!

Eden gave a tremendous end-of-year recital with her 'show choir' group. She looked beautiful and can really dance!

Eden and Josh are busy with daily swim team practices and weekly swim meets. It is sure fun to watch them swim. Eden's butterfly stroke is a thing of beauty! At her last meet, she was swimming breaststroke in the lane closest to us, and as she passed us, Teya shouted out for everyone around to hear, "Eden, you're not going to be last place! You're not going to be last place!" (she was around the middle of the pack). To Teya, not being last was just as good as winning! Everyone around was laughing.

Teya graduated from preschool and is very excited about Kindergarten! They decided to only offer all-day at our school, so that will be a big adjustment for both Teya and me. She's mainly excited to eat lunch at school.

We are all excited to escape the awful heat that finally showed up for good here in Arizona. We have our Groberg family reunion at Aspen Grove next week, and I'm SO excited about it. Dave is training for the St. George Marathon and doing GREAT. He ran over 10 miles this morning and said he loved it all. It is 'his' time. I'm so proud of him. My only physical accomplishment is now I can do around 15 'real' pushups (not on my knees) before I die of exhaustion! I just swam one mile this morning, so that makes 284 miles out of my 400 done so far this year, and we are just half over!

Well, off to a wedding reception and then to see another great summer movie. Dave has a list of movies to see that will keep us busy every weekend this summer!


Marilyn said...

Once again your kids made me laugh. Thanks for sharing their words of wisdom. 15 push-ups? Wow Jennie. You are amazing! Hope the movie was good.

Wendy said...

Good catch up. Fun activities. My kids have all-day kindergarten and it's great! They have some quiet time and stories/nap in the afternoon, and then they come home. If they were home during that time, they would just be wasting time on the TV waiting for their older siblings to get home. You'll love it!

Kim said...

Thanks for the update. I'd love to see you here in Utah. Call me when you get here. 801-854-7169

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine to,and be a follower..thanks and God bless..

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