Saturday, August 7, 2010

100th post: A Beautiful Day

(My beautiful daughter, Eden)

In honor of my 100th post, I thought I’d just share a few things (no, not 100) that make an ordinary day a beautiful day for me:

  • Escaping into a good book
  • Hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet running to use my bathroom (since it is so much cooler to use Mom and Dad’s bathroom)
  • Filling my ‘extra milk’ up with a second helping of my favorite cereal
  • Having all the appropriate ingredients to make my kids’ lunches
  • Having my children remind me to say family prayers
  • Watching my children race each other down the street to school
  • Hoping no one else is watching me watch my kids race each other down the street to school (I’m still in my PJs...)
  • Catching my latest favorite song on the radio
  • Getting a spot next to a friendly face at gym class
  • Actually making it to gym class
  • Making a smoothie with one part protein, four parts fruit, and using two small hands so eager to help
  • Sharing that smoothie with the girl those small hands belong to
  • Getting good e-mail (not junk, bills, political agendas)
  • Getting good voice mail (not junk, bills, political agendas)
  • Getting good mail (not junk, bills, political agendas)
  • Taking too long of a shower
  • Wearing (again) that pair of shorts that is so comfortable, you constantly thank your lucky stars you bought them all those months (okay, years) ago
  • Catching up with friends (old, new, borrowed, blue)
  • Emptying a clean, slightly warm load of laundry, and inhaling the clean smell for a few seconds
  • Letting that clean, no-longer warm, load of laundry sit there for days and fishing out of it until it’s empty
  • Pretending not to be watching ‘Phineas and Ferb’ while I’m supposed to be cleaning the kitchen
  • Opening the garage door in anticipation of the return of the kids from school
  • Hearing the door crash open, a backpack slam against the floor, and the sound of my boy running to the bathroom as fast as he can (apparently school bathrooms aren’t cool either)
  • Asking that son where his sister is
  • Having him tell me she is talking with friends, again
  • Being incredibly grateful for such a friendly, social daughter
  • Being incredibly grateful for a son who is completely content to not be as social as his sister
  • Eating after-school snacks
  • Not feeling too-guilty that I ate more of the snacks than my kids did
  • Helping kids with homework
  • Being incredibly grateful that I can still figure out their homework enough to help them
  • Hearing my son play his piano pieces as fast as he can, and then faster
  • Pretending not to watch iCarly while I’m supposed to be getting dinner ready
  • Having an answer to the worst question in the world, “What’s for dinner?”
  • Watching my picky-eater of a son finish his dinner, despite his earlier complaining
  • Realizing I’ve become my mother when I tell him about all the starving children in the world
  • Having a husband who has a job, even though it means he has to work late, again
  • Having a husband who knows how to work, even though it means he has to work late, again
  • Having kids who don’t complain about reading scriptures together
  • Hearing what my son will pray about in our family prayers (that he won’t sprain his ankle, that the Wii remote will work right, that Mom will buy some of his favorite food at the store next time)
  • Sending my kids running upstairs to see who can get their teeth brushed and in their pajamas first
  • Realizing that brushing your teeth probably shouldn’t be a timed activity
  • Being in my pajamas by 8:00 p.m.
  • Turning on my DVR
  • Welcoming home a work-weary husband
  • Settling on a sugar-free popsicle instead of a bowl of ice cream (curse you diabetes)
  • Enjoying that sugar-free popsicle, because at least I have a sugar-free popsicle
  • Wondering where I’ll find my youngest daughter sleeping when I go to kiss her goodnight (she has fallen asleep in a myriad of random locations (hallway, under sister’s bed, brother’s closet, the couch in our bedroom)
  • Wondering if she’ll still have her pajamas on (she gets bored with clothes)
  • Kissing each of my sleeping children on the forehead
  • Escaping into a good book
Here's to hoping you have a Beautiful Day
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