Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten Random things I love

1. Oversized towels
2. Anagram solvers
3. Standing over the sink, biting into an oversized, freshly-washed, extra juicy strawberry
4. 5-year old grammar: Eden was teaching Teya how to 'hula hoop'. At one point, Eden said to me, "I think she's getting the hang of it!" For the next few days, Teya would hula hoop and say, "Watch me have the hang of it!" or "Mom, the hang of it is mine!"
5. The embarrassing fact that I spelled grammar in point #4 as grammer, and then spell check had to correct me... Apparently my grammar is in need of some help as well.
6. A sturdy pair of tweezers
7. Libraries: A few years ago when I was excitedly going across the street to our mailbox to get our latest Netflix disc, I marveled at the convenience of it all. I seriously thought to myself, "I wish there was a service where you could rent books and read them and return them and get new ones to read." ooops.... Sorry Library. I truly do love you. I'm there several times a month. I promise. I might even check out a book on grammar.
8. The sound of children laughing so hard they have to beg you to stop so they can catch their breath.
9. Random lists of things that leave you hanging....

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