Wednesday, September 8, 2010

depressing poetry


so much sadness. unnecessary sadness. not from sickness or scraped knees or life with its highs and lows.

stupid people making stupid decisions. they don’t see. don’t see.

do they hear?

the screaming voices

i do.




at me to stop playing solitaire


waste of time

when there is so much sadness.

but this is how I deal with the sadness. so much sadness. unnecessary sadness.

tears don’t come anymore. anger boils too easily. stupid. stupid. stupid.

deal again?

I’m stuck.

so I deal.


Jennie said...

FYI, I'm fine. Dave is fine. Our three kids are wonderful. Life is peaches and cream. but not for everyone I know. Thus, the poem.

VikiViki said...

Wow, Jennie... I didn't know you wrote poetry as well. That is really good.

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