Thursday, August 15, 2013

Free Studio C poster!!


Hey Studio C fans! My daughter is a huge Studio C fan, so for her birthday, I made her this poster:

After spending several days on this poster, I thought, I bet there are other studio c fans out there that would enjoy this. You can upload it to costco and for $5.99 print it as a poster (16x20) or it goes down to a perfect 8x10 to be printed at home! I wanted to put it up on my etsy store for just a few dollars and donate all the money I earned to help my nephews pay for their LDS missions. They are the ones that told our family about Studio c in the first place! But, BYUtv said I couldn't do that. :( SOOOOOO, I decided to just give it away for FREE.  So, go ahead and download it! (link below) If it doesn't work, just comment with your email and I'm mail it directly to you! Spread the love. IF you feel like donating to my nephew's mission, just click on the paypal donate button below. I promise 100% of the profits will go to him.  Enjoy and laugh!

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