Sunday, October 27, 2013

Turning 40 on purpose, with purpose.

Sometime towards the beginning of August, apparently after I had actually slept the night before (because I would never have taken this on with my normal amount of sleep), I decided to make and hopefully achieve 40 goals before I turned 40. It was just under 80 days before my birthday. Over the next few days, I came up with this list. I will say that I tweaked it a bit as time went on. I did away with two goals and replaced them with the last two. The two I did away with were to sell 40 things on my etsy shop, which I quickly realized was out of my control; and to watch 40 movies or TV shows, which  1/2 way through I decided I'd rather not!

Here are my 40 goals! All accomplished in the last almost 80 days (except reading the books. That, I went back to the last 12 months):

  1. Write 40 pages of my book 
  2. Do 40 real pushups 
  3. Share 40 beliefs on Facebook
  4. Read 40 books 
  5. Take 40 naps 
  6. Make 40 new facebook friends
  7. Workout 40 times 
  8. Walk/Run 40 miles  
  9. Eat 40 new things
  10. Scrapbook 40 pages 20 
  11. Spend less than $40 at Costco
  12. Write 40 emails/letters to missionaries or friends 
  13. Whistle three notes 
  14. Write a song (I'll do a separate post and include the song there)
  15. Teach a Yoga class 
  16. Get a 40+ point word in Scrabble
  17. Learn three songs on the cello 
  18. Play the piano 40 times 
  19. Play 40 games 
  20. Solve a rubix cube link to 1 min. video here
  21. Do 40 random acts of kindness 
  22. Learn 40 words in French 
  23. Memorize a poem
  24. Have a fabulous roommate reunion 
  25. Teach 40 classrooms about the Constitution and about Thomas and Martha Jefferson
  26. Throw away 40 things from around the house 
  27. Solve 40 puzzles (logic, actual,) 
  28. Spend 40 hours in Temple service
  29. Learn 40 good jokes 
  30. Eat 40 ice cream cones/custard/sundaes (tweaked to include yogurt in any form -- hey! I'm diabetic!)
  31. Do 40 fun things with Dave and or kids
  32. Listen / read 40 General Conference talks.
  33. Make 40 cards.
  34. Get scrapbooks organized
  35. Spend at least $40 on ONE article of clothing (for me)
  36. Make a book of 40 memories for Wendy (my roommate, for our reunion)
  37. Make a book of 40 memories for Kim (my roommate)
  38. Write a book of 40 memories for Julia (my roommate)
  39. Floss for 40 days in a row 
  40. Smile at 40 strangers 
    Practicing the cello

    Proof of my less than $40 Costco receipt

    The first ice cream of many

    glimpse at one of the books for my roommates

    Eating Balboa Bars (something new & ice cream) 

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Lisa Andrews said...

This was such a fabulous idea! I loved hearing about your goals and your progress. Way to bring in 40!

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