Saturday, December 6, 2008

Eden's first piano recital

A few days ago, Eden played in her very first piano recital. She did great. Since this was her first, her piece was shorter than I imagine any future piano recital pieces will be, I recorded it in its entirety for your viewing and listening pleasure. Enjoy. (it's all of 26 seconds!)


Diana said...

Great job Eden! She's so cute!!

VikiViki said...

Wow Eden, way to go! I will have to show my kids what great posture and form you have goin' on!
P.S. Tell your mom that we all missed her at the wedding yesterday!

Janell said...

Good work, Eden!! :) You did GREAT!

Boštjan, Bojana, Zala in Kaja said...

I enjoyed this a lot, Eden! Še ena glasbenica v družini torej? Saj niti nisem presenečena:-) Si ti, Jennie, njena učiteljica?

mylajensen said...

Adorable! I miss you guys soooooo much.

Marilyn said...

Talk about bringing back memories. I remember when you were the cute little girl playing the piano so well.

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