Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Okay, I went to put something in Josh's room a few days ago, and this sign was taped to his door:
It reads: Josh's room. no parents allowed! Only kids! But no babys. no girls! 6 and older. If your (you're) a parent and want to come in you have to come in and clean the room.

I laughed so hard! We have started a daily chore chart and that day they had to clean their rooms. Nice try Josh. (Although, his logic was that earlier that week Teya and her friends had made a big mess in his room).

So, other Josh funnies: We were driving to soccer and it was pouring rain outside. Teya said she was thirsty. Josh said, "Can't you just drink the rain?" (imagine quenching your thirst like that).

As posted earlier, Josh finds happiness in going to bed with no underwear on. So, a few nights after that FHE, I went in to check on the kids before I went to bed. When I walked into Josh's room, by the dim glow of the night light, I saw a certain 'crack' that was not supposed to be visible. Yep, he had taken off his underwear! So, Dave and I bought him some boxers. He is very excited about them. According to his Primary teacher, he expressed said excitement to the whole class on Sunday, explaining, "They are so great, it feels like I'm not wearing any underwear!". Apparently he has convinced the other boys in his class to make the switch from briefs to boxers -- the whole conversation causing one girl to exclaim, "Excuse me! There are girls in the room!" His teacher was laughing too hard to control the situation.

I tell you, life is never dull with Josh. In addition to being honest and funny, he is so sweet. Dave recently bought him his own Book of Mormon. After reading his school-assigned reading each night, he reads from the BofM as well. Just tonight, long after we thought he was asleep, he came down and said, "Mom, I just wanted you to know that I just read your favorite part of The Book of Mormon -- the "I will go and do" scripture." He is so full of love and the most tender-hearted kid you could ever meet.


BoĊĦtjan, Bojana, Zala in Kaja said...

Jennie, you're a lucky mom! I've never realized before that being honest and being funny is such a good combination:-) I hope I can meet all your kids one day.

Diana said...

I'm telling you he is a genius! Very funny genius!

Dawn said...


Wendy said...

I love his primary class story! And how sweet to be so exciting about the Book of Mormon!

Silly Gorgeous said...

I've found that the virtual version works for me. I use a site called Handipoints to do chore charts and it's really been fun so far!

Handipoints chore charts

Beckie said...

Life must be a party with Josh... what a great kid! Thanks for the early morning smiles.

Venetia said...

Ian when he was about two or three refused to wear clothes altogether for a few months. He would ride his bike outside, etc., whatever without clothes. If I put them on him, he just took them off. I remember one day folding the week's laundry (ah, for the days when I could go a whole week....), and his pile was just one shirt. We heard through the grapevine later that there was another little boy in sonoma ranch who used to make his mom drive past our house to see if his hero, "nakey boy", was outside naked. Living vicariously through Ian, I guess. don't we all? boxers changed his life as well.

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