Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Okay, this will be the last time I mention my non-ability to sleep. Cause I'm getting really sick of it -- so I can imagine you are. So, if you don't want to read all about it, just scroll down to the bottom, and make a comment like "I'm so sorry and I hope you feel better" and I will be none the wiser!

But, since this is my 'journal', I feel the need to record this era in my life, so if you do care to read about it, here it goes: I can't sleep. I have 'restless leg syndrome' or RLS. I know it sounds like a joke syndrome. I've had it since my early 20's, though, and there is NOTHING funny about not being able to sleep. I think I have a pretty bad case of it.

I went to my family doctor and he wanted to give me this medicine that they give people with Parkinson's to help with the shaking. I was on this years ago and the side effects were bad, so I stopped. So, I didn't want to repeat that. He did some blood work and found out I have pretty bad anemia. So, I started taking iron.

Next doctor. I went to this natural medicine clinic up in Scottsdale. My brother had gone there a while back and they did this fancy test with your blood to test for everything that is wrong with you and really 'try to get at the root of the problem' instead of just throwing pills at you. Trouble was, they don't take insurance. But, I was pretty desperate, so I paid the $350 doctor visit fee. It wasn't until my appointment was almost through that I realized they weren't going to take and test my blood. I asked about it, as that was the reason I went in the first place, and he said, "Oh, we don't do that anymore. We are in a legal battle with the FDA and those tests are now only for certain cancer patients". I sure wish I had known that before I drove all the way out there and paid all that money to hear him tell me he had no idea how to treat RLS and that maybe minerals were the answer. At one point he said, "Have you ever been bitten by a tic? Maybe you have lyme's disease." He asked me the various symptoms, of which I had none, and then said, "Well, even though you aren't symptomatic, I'd suggest you get this test for lyme's disease just to rule it out". (the test cost $400). Ummmm... no. But, I did start taking more minerals.

The next day I went to see an "RLS" specialist that Dave had found via the always perfect and informative internet. After one particularly tough night a few weeks ago (on this actual night, I took a shower in my sleep! I've heard of sleep-walking, sleep-eating, but sleep-showering???? That has got to be a first!), anyway, Dave looked up RLS and cross-referenced the specialists with our insurance and got me an appointment in down town Phoenix. So, he went with me, and after waiting 1 hour and 15 minutes for the doctor (no exaggeration), she came in and asked what we were there for. I explained I had "RLS" and she didn't know what it was! Dave explained how we had found her practice on the internet and that she was listed as a specialist. She laughed and said she had never heard of that website and had no idea why she would be considered a specialist, since she was an internist that dealt mainly with kidney disorders! At least she was nice and tried to help how she could, although she just wanted to prescribe the exact same medicine my original family doctor wanted me on. (the one I reacted to badly).

So, I've decided that the sheer volume of my abhorrence of doctor appointments is going to be enough to heal me! I actually have slept the last three nights -- which is a record! So, maybe it is working! (that, or the iron and minerals were truly the answer!).

Alright, so done with the sleeping saga. I promise no more blogging about it! So, here is a fun Teya quote to end with.

We were driving in the car and Josh said, "Today I learned about fractions in school". So I said,

"How many halves in a whole?"
Josh: "Two"
Jennie: "How many quarters in a whole?"
Josh: "Four"
Teya: "How many squirrels in a hole?"

(she just wanted to be part of the fun! Isn't that a smart comment? what brilliant kids!:))


Diana said...

UGH!!! maybe essential oils....?

VikiViki said...

I was just going to tell you to try this essential oil that my yoga teacher introduced to me - it is called orthoflex. Anyhow - that totally sucks. Although I am technically a part of the "field", medicine is truly not a perfect science. I hope your sickness of doctors is enough to cure the sleepless nights!

Wendy said...

I've been wondering how all your appts. went. That is so crazy to find a specialist, only to find out she wasn't. How frustrating. I'm glad you've been able to sleep the last few nights. I can't imagine how frustrating that is and how hard it is to function. You keep a good sense of humor with it all. And that little Teya is hilarious! I'll keep you in my prayers, Jen.

Hey, that was cool to hear Pres. Monson mention your dad's name out of the blue! I perked up and yelled out to my kids: I KNOW HIM!

Beckie said...

Seriously... the PHYSICIANS did not know what RLS is?? Even I know what it is. Frustrating. There is certainly someone out there who has the answers you are looking for. Perhaps just take a hiatus (for your own personal sanity) and try, try again.

Boštjan, Bojana, Zala in Kaja said...

Tako dolgo že ne spiš!? Res upam in bi ti želela, da se bodo te zadnje noči nadaljevale... Kako je že tisto - "All these things shall give you experience..." Vse dobro!

Marilyn said...

Three nights in a row! Ya Hoo! Hope last night was another good one. OK, Taya cracks me up! That's one quick thinker.

Kim said...

I'm so sorry Jennie! My sister-in-law has had a little of RLS too. I'll have to ask her what she does. I hope it gets better.

Red Seaglass said...

I'm going through it with you. Thanks for all the talking through. Hopefully we will both be rested soon!! Glad for what you told me today. xoxo

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