Sunday, May 3, 2009

Teya takes on the tunes

Here is our Sunbeam, fresh from a spaghetti dinner singing her favorite Primary song:

So sweet, despite the messy face! I love this girl!


Diana said...

I will never hear this song and not think of the extra hand movements--TOO cute!!

VikiViki said...

So cute...and she even had a personal coach behind her to remind her of the words. I really need to learn how to do the video thing! Oh, BTW...still waiting for a post on Hawaii!

Sarah Crawford said...

Super Cute! I loved her arm motions and how she wanted to watch herself the instant she was done!!

BoĊĦtjan, Bojana, Zala in Kaja said...

Zala and Kaja wanted me to play it over and over again:-)I just love Sunbeams - probably the best age:-) Have I told you I'm a Sunbeam teacher this year?

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