Saturday, January 10, 2009


I bet you are DYING of curiosity to know what FINALLY happened. Well, watch this little video of Eden first.

For over 3 weeks it has been hanging on. Eden is the most stubborn person in the world when it come to her loose teeth. She refuses to let ANYONE within touching distance. NO ONE is allowed to touch it. No amount of bribing, begging, teasing, etc that came from everyone who hung out with her over the holidays made any difference.

So, FINALLY, yesterday, she touched it and it came right out. Of course there was no blood, it had been hanging on by a sliver for so long. Anyway, the tooth fairy still gave her a dollar. I thought she'd get less since it was such a long, drawn-out experience. But, that tooth fairy is just too nice. :)


Beckie said...

YEAH Eden! This brings back memories of chasing Jon down the stairs, sitting on him & pulling his tooth out because I was sick of listening to him complain that it hurt every time he ate... was I wrong to do this? (he eventually forgave me & even allowed me to be within 10 yards of his teeth again)

VikiViki said...

You know, you may want to teach your sweet Eden a little lesson in money/business propositions - I mean, when we were there we totally bribed her with an additional $2 on top of what the Tooth Fairy would bring - she could have tripled her income!!! I am just glad to hear it is finally out. I will sleep better not worrying about her choking on it!

BoĊĦtjan, Bojana, Zala in Kaja said...

Life must be easier for you now...We'll have to wait another few years for challenges of that kind...but they've already heard about the tooth fairy from an older cousin and Peppa Pig. I actually think Zala is excited about the first tooth falling out:-)

Anonymous said...


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