Thursday, January 22, 2009

I love Teya

I am so loving hanging out with Teya each day. She is seriously FUN. She is easygoing, entertains herself when I need her to, and is fun to play with. Here are some funny things about Teya. I am trying to teach her to say "Yellow" instead of "Lellow" (hey, it used to be only 'amarillo' in her avid Dora days, so Lellow is an improvement). So, we were looking at a book the other day and I was pointed to something yellow and said, "Yuh Yuh Yuh Yellow". Teya repeated "Yuh Yuh Yuh Lellow". I laughed. She thought we were playing some sort of weird color game, so she started pointing to all the other colors and saying, "Yuh Yuh Yuh Green" and "Yuh Yuh Yuh Purple" etc. It was so funny. Now, every once in a while she'll say, "Let's play the Yuh Yuh color game!" So. I guess it is safe to say that she totally missed the point of that one!

She also won't smile for my camera anymore. Below is the typical face I get now.

Another game we love to play is "I spy". Playing it with Teya is quite entertaining. First of all, you need to spy something very obvious - like her shirt or pants. But, she comes up with quite creative things. The other day she said, "I spy something windowish" (it was the window).

Another game is the animal alphabet game. You think of an animal and tell the rest what letter it starts with. When Teya plays, she doesn't really know her letters per se, so the level of difficulty rises exponentially. She will randomly choose a letter and say it starts with that, but in reality, it could start with any letter. So, lately, Horse started with D and Octopus started with Z. But, it is still just fun.

I know I spoil her, since it is just her and me at home these days. Maybe that's why she doesn't want to be potty-trained. I cuddle her up all the time and 'hold her like a baby'. We have so much fun together that possibly, subconsciously I want to keep her at home, so that means wearing diapers, since she knows she can go to pre-school once she gets potty-trained. Who knows, but in the meantime, I just love being with her.


Marilyn said...

Who doesn't love Teya? (or Josh or Eden or Jennie or Dave for that matter). You're just one loveable bunch. And don't feel bad, I'm doing my best to spoil Joe too. I figure it's my right, or maybe my reward.

BoĊĦtjan, Bojana, Zala in Kaja said...

Teya looks so cute on photos even if she doesn't smile:-) I also have lots of old photos of Zala smiling but now it's getting really hard...well, at least Kaja is still smiling almost all the time:-)

S.J. Crawford said...

You are so lucky! I miss having my baby home!!! She is so adorable!

VikiViki said...

She is adorable. I find that I am doing the same things with Lane. Everyone knows he is spoiled. I think that the first child and the last will inevitably get more of it as they are technically the only ones to be an "only child" with mom's full attention! (Lane is nowhere near potty-trained either.)

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